A Glimpse Of Robotic Process Automation

A Glimpse Of Robotic Process Automation

In this digital world, majority of people today are tech savvy and are looking towards better and improved technological advances. A relatively novel approach to the same is that of artificial intelligence. It already has pioneered in a number of pre-existing technologies and is on the verge to enter multiple other areas as well. One extremely essential approach to artificial intelligence is robotic process automation. In the simplest terms, it is the process of using robotic automation in enterprises for performing different functions. You will get a clearer view of the same, once you reach the end of this blog.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

As mentioned in the above section, RPA or robotic process automation is actually a process of utilising software robots for performing various functions in enterprises. It is generally used for the clerical purposes of an enterprise and it functions with the help of artificial intelligence procedures. It is an important approach to artificial intelligence as today, almost everything works on artificial intelligence. RBA is introduced in order to avoid the human error and bring about a better accuracy and precision in the work performed. According to the design of the robotic process automation, it can work in a number of tasks; repetitive or non repetitive. Just like any human employee, these software robots can interpret, trigger responses and can also communicate with other types of systems working on the same or different task.

How is RPA  better than Human Workforce?

Scientists today are working to prepare a robot for every human profession and the main reason behind this is that robots are always better than humans. Mentioned below are some points citing importance of robots over humans: –

  • Robots never sleep – When it comes to human workforce, there comes a time when people get tired and sleepy and therefore are unable to continue with the work. This isn’t the case with robots, they are relatively more immune to burden.
  • Robots are easy to replicate – It is relatively easier to replicate and prepare a robot having the same skillset as the previous one but, it is extremely difficult to replicate a human for the same purpose.
  • Brain transfer is easy – It is very easy to transfer brains or the main functioning part in robots. While in humans, it is near to impossible to conduct something of this sort.
  • Robots have a dynamic morphology – Humans generally have a common average morphology; height and dimensions, while this isn’t the case with robots as they can be prepared and re-prepared to fit in the desired dimensions.
  • Robots are better at space travelling – Humans are heavy, fragile and are more vulnerable to any mishap. Also, humans are less tolerant to the environment in the space as compared to robots and therefore, robots are preferred over humans for the same.

These are just handful of the infinite reasons for choosing robots over humans for performing different tasks at industry level.

Benefits of RPA

Robotic process automation is preferred over humans and various other technological advances in the 21st century and there is surely benefits associated with the same. Mentioned below are some of the benefits associated with robotic process automation: –

  • The workforce introduced by RPA is generally scalable and more flexible. It is believed that RPA workforce has a relatively lesser induction time.
  • When it comes to human processes of collecting and curating data, it gets extremely chaotic and sometimes irregular as well.
  • It is believed that most of the robots have the ability to outperform and replace 3 human employees at one go. Therefore, it provides a better and improved ROI.
  • RPA has a greater spanning over different industries and enterprises. It is believed that software robots can function well in every sector including healthcare, banking, finance, telecom, insurance etc.

RPA is an important element of artificial intelligence and is therefore, believed to take over a number of human professions and jobs. There are numerous reasons and benefits associated with opting for robots over any other type of workforce and most of them are mentioned in the above section.


With better technological advances taking place everyday, there is an increased demand of better artificial intelligence techniques. Robotic process automation is one such approach which is believed to be beneficial to the mankind.

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