A Guide To Klassieke Trap Design

Trap, often taken for granted as a connect between different floors, are major architectural features that have the ability to make an ordinary home spectacular.

A klassieke trap remodel can help in defining and showcasing your personal style. You can easily change the overall appearance of a home by adding a klassieke trap design with unique materials or updating an existing structure with new décor.

Here are some of the general things to keep in mind while looking for klassieke trap design:

  • What klassieke trap design will work best for you? : When looking through klassieke trap ideas, your top consideration should be space. Not every type fits in every home. For a smaller space, opt for a straight, U- or L- shaped trap design since a double-sided trap design only works in large entryways. In order to achieve the look of a grand entrance, try to work in a curved design that will really showcase the railings and any other unique features.

A Guide To Klassieke Trap Design

  • Spiral trap designs will be the most efficient for homes that are really compact, in terms of horizontal space. While they may not be the easiest to climb, but they do give a quirky and fun feel. After determining function and shape, you can then narrow down the large selection of timeless trap ideas by style and material to achieve the overall appearance you are going for.
  • What materials are best for elegant trap? : The look of your klassieke trap should coordinate with the rest of your house. Do not try to mix two dramatically different styles, such as traditional and modern. Carpet and stone are popular traditional materials, while metal or floating wood steps are trendier options. The trap railings are often overlooked by most homeowners, but these are really the perfect opportunity to let your creativity flow.
  • Subtly mixing up the rail and tread styles can make for a showstopping effect, however pairing two opposite styles is not recommended. For instance, an industrial-style rail can help make wood treads contemporary, or an ornate metal railing can help in enhancing the mediterranean feel of stone treads.
  • In case you don’t want to commit to full-blown carpeting, stair runners are an easy way to mix up your style and protect the material underneath. Even though appearance is important, you should first and foremost think about creating functional trap. If you have young kids at home, an open railing or hard metal steps can become a safety hazard, while dogs and common household traffic might scratch up wood.

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