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Asbestos analysis needs to be done by a skilled and professional company always. This analysis is conducted in the fields of Phase Contrast Microscopy or PCM, Transmission Electron Microscopy or TEM and Polarized Light Microscopy PLM. The analysis should be done in a laboratory that is trusted and known for producing good results. In the USA, there are many laboratories that conduct the above analysis however one of the them stands out for its credibility, name and professionalism!

The name of this laboratory is SanAir Technologies and it is one of the most widely sought after name in the area of asbestos analysis. Clients are able to receive state-of-the-art facilities with this unique laboratory and the turnaround time for getting a report is just three hours. Lecia has designed the polarized light microscopes here and they can be deployed for various applications. The common fields of application are Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis or EDXA along with the Scan Aactive Digital Imaging Technology from EVEX.

Both of them are used for Hitachi H-600 TEM and Hitachi H-600 TEM/STEM scans. Clients approach this unique Laboratory for conducting tests based on the different matrices. The professionals here believe that their cients come first and this is the reason why they are committed to provide clients with the highest levels of customer service. They maintain high standards and they take perfection into account when it comes to every stage of analysis and reporting.

SanAir also ensures that clients are able to get custom sampling for their microbiological needs. Air samples are also tested at this laboratory as well. Clients are able to receive real-time testing reports and all of them are secure as well. The Company has an online reporting system and the clients can get prints of the Adobe PDF formats for records if they want.

SanAir also gives their clients accredited tests of metals in paint chips, soil, dust wipes, samples of air and bulk. The technology that is used for testing the above is Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy or ICP-OES. The professionals here give you reports on the total lead concentration in a large range of metals. It gives you an insight into the TCLP for lead and the TCLP for RCRA 8 metals also.

The professionals here at SanAir Technologies are very good at analysing the above and they are devoted to their work with passion. They ensure that privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all costs. Clients are happy with the prompt and the proactive services of the people that work here. In case you are not a present client of the company, you have the option to get  demonstration of the reporting system of the Company.

If you go to the website you will find that there is a form that you would need to fill in. You fill in your details and the form will be delivered to the Company where they will give you  detailed report with success- in this manner you will be able to understand how the testing works!

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