A Look At The Distinguishing Features Of Sauna Heaters

A Look At The Distinguishing Features Of Sauna Heaters

Generating the right temperature with proper control mechanism is at the heart of any sauna heater. No matter whether the traditional heating system of radiating heat through heated rocks or the infra red heating system is used, there is no difference in the benefits that are derived from sauna baths. The average temperature in a traditional sauna can vary between 150 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit while the humidity level is controlled between 5 and 30 percent. In order to maintain the low level of humidity, wood is the preferred material of construction of saunas. Moreover, it can absorb the heat and make it comfortable as opposed to tiles or metals that could burn you at high temperature.

Which Heating System?

The problem crops up during the selection of sauna when you have to decide what kind of sauna heater would be good for you. You already know about the traditional and infra red heaters, but unless you know how these are different, how could you decide which would be good for you? Of course, the cost factor has also to be considered.  Having a close look at the operational and functional features of the two types of heating systems will help you to gain insight and arrive at a decision.

Temperature Range

The span of temperature that can be obtained from the traditional heating system that uses heated rocks to radiate the heat is usually between 150 to 185 degree Fahrenheit .The highest temperature of 195 degrees Fahrenheit is recorded at the ceiling level as it is directly about the heat source. In contrast, the infra red heating capability is much low and ranges between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite low temperature, the infra red heater is capable of better penetration of heat into the body by dint of its technological features.  The emitters that are kept active help to achieve better penetration at low temperature.

Heating Methodology

A traditional sauna heater uses an electric heater that heats the stones kept in a compartment which then radiate the heat throughout the room. A steady temperature is maintained as by automatic regulation of the heating cycle. An envelope of heat surrounds the bather as he enters the room that causes perspiration, which is the objective of bathing.  In the infra red heating system, the body core gets heated as heat wave penetrates the body. Infrared energy that is radiated by the infrared emitters enters the body through the skin and creates a relaxed feeling.

Varying Humidity

If you want to vary the humidity levels of the sauna then the traditional sauna heater is your only choice.  After the high temperature is reached, you can pour water on the rocks to create steam that raises the humidity level inside the room.

Those who want to spend more time at the sauna have to opt for the infrared heating system as the temperature is low but would make you feel hot and create sweating, which is your ultimate goal for experiencing relaxation and feel rejuvenated.

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