A Range Of Security Guard Services That You Haven’t Explored Yet!

A Range Of Security Guard Services That You Haven’t Explored Yet!

When there is a sensitive matter to protect your assets from the external threats, consider it a right time to ask for security guards London. You might be wondering if there is really a need to hire a private security service. But, remember, as your business grows, you should prepare yourself to handle the unfavourable situations that may arise. You alone are not enough to handle the pressure. This is where you need assistance from a trusted security firm who can offer your home and business an unbreakable safety shield.

The best part is that in the London, there are plenty of security companies to choose from.  Whether looking for chauffeur services, dog patrols or full corporate security, these private security firms have everything to suit your needs. The lucrative thing is that these service providers have extensively trained security guards with full license to operate. You can choose one or more security services from below depending upon your requirements:

  1. On-Site Security Guard Service

Are you still wondering about what security guards London can offer you? Well, you haven’t closely looked the myriad sectors they serve. These specialists are well-known to guard the some of the busiest areas such as retail shops, busy construction sites, high rise office buildings, crowded trains, warehouses, re-owned hotels, shopping complexes and more!

  1.     Cost Effective Mobile Patrol Services

In case, you think that you don’t have a budget to hire a security guard facility, you can try the other viable option available i.e. mobile patrol service. This cost effective security cover won’t disappoint you.  Considering a mobile patrol security offers you money savings while you still enjoy the protection. The savings are sometimes so significant that it can cost you only 1/3 amount than hiring a full time on-site security service. You can choose the number of mobile patrols to your site depending on your needs and budget.

  1.     Guard Dogs Service For Full Protection

In some specific situations, the only security option left is to use a guard dog unit. This service is focused on offering security with the help of an extensively trained guard dog. The dog coach also accompanies with him for a better control of the situation.

Haven’t you ever heard of a guard dog before? Well, this trained animal can closely inspect your business premises by detecting the sound that human ears are unable to. For instance, he can detect the odd activity happening at your site as his hearing senses are four times sharper than humans. Additionally, he has got a good sense of smell that can help identify thieves and criminals.

When it is about securing your workplace in a better way, there is no match to the guard dog service. Moreover, canines won’t allow intruders and give you alarming signals by barking at strangers. Putting dog security signs at your premises will also discourage the intruders.

Some of the places where a guard dog and handler service fits well include:

  •        Areas which are larger in size and impossible to cover without patrolling.
  •        Restricted places where you want limited trespassing.
  •        Specific areas that may be otherwise dangerous to cover by a single security guard.

At such typical places, your guard dog/handler team can effectively hold a criminal until the police arrives

  1.     Night Security Services For Safety During Odd Hours

For those, who only want to safeguard their place in the night hours, night security service is the right answer. This security facility would arrange for the protection cover during the weekend or night time to keep your safety concerns at bay. You can ask an esteemed security agency for such package.


Security guard service and your business have a deep connection. Your customer will only come to you if he feels your place is safe and secure to do to business transactions. Moreover, you will also feel good if your business is operating peacefully and there is a good control on the law and order at your premises. Therefore, waste no time in hiring security guards London from a reputed security firm in London.

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