Add Grace To Your Home With The Rugs Perfect For Your Space

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Rugs provide personality to the room. In order to bring warmth and comfort to space, rugs are the best option. They certainly do not come cheap. That is why wise decisions make it worthy. Selecting a perfect piece is really tricky as it requires time, patience and expertise.

Many people do not know how to choose the right rug for their living room, so they end up messing it up. They do not realize the fact that it can destroy the beautiful interiors of the house. So, the interior experts advise purchasing the rug which suits the interiors of the house.

Color Of The Rug

This is one of the main aspects of choosing the right rug. The choice of color basically depends upon factors like-

  • In case the room has too many colors, then choose the rug of a single color and of the basic pattern. The neutral shade is a good option. Go for any such color which matches the furnishings and the walls.
  • Buy the rug of your favorite color and pattern and then select the accessories and furniture of the house. This can ease down the situation of selecting the right colored rug.
  • Be creative and experimental if you do not want to play safe. It is you, who must feel comfortable and happy with the purchase.

The rug is going to take much space of the room. So, pay proper attention while selecting it as it must match the flooring, decorations and the fixed pieces.

Material To Look For

Rugs are available in several different materials. Choose the one that makes your space look amazing. The texture of the rug is known to be the most overlooked area but it is the most important of all. In case you like something soft and smooth then velvet is the thing for you. If durability is an issue, then go for sisal. These tips will help in clearing the doubts in all possible way.

1. Woolen Fabric- This fabric is considered warm and durable. It can be cleaned easily and is resistant to fire. Therefore, if you are planning to spend your Christmas near the fireplace, woolen rugs will not disappoint you. Here, you need to take extra care. The wool gets destroyed when comes in contact with the acidic drinks like juice. Also, the wool gets shredded which can worsen the condition of allergies among your family members.

2. Wool Mix Fabric- Wool plus fiber reduces the disadvantages of using wool in the rug. You will experience less shedding and more durability with these rugs. Fibres like polyester, nylon, and polypropylene come cheap but have a shorter lifespan as compared to the wool.

3. Rugs Made Up Of Jute- Such rugs provide a rustic look to the simple interiors. They are inexpensive and you can find them in the stores in neutral colors. It is the most durable fabric and also very soft.

4.Sisal- If you want to go for something natural then sisal rugs are going to be the best options. You need to take care of such rugs as they get stained with anything, for instance, water. It is a bit tough to clean.

In case there are kids in the house, then choose wool blend fabric rug. It is soft and feels really comfortable under the foot.

Size Of The Rug

Note the size of the rug you want in your house. The rug must cover well the seating area of the room. The ideal condition is to place all the furniture on the rug. The idea behind such condition is when you sit on your sofa then the feet are placed on the rug and not on the floor. When the rug is placed under the dining table, the chair must be seated on the rug.

Orientation is also important here. Note that the if the room is square shaped then round or square rug will make it more elegant. Rectangular rooms look great with rectangular rugs placed in the same direction.

Cost Is The Main Concern

Rugs are often costly. It is said the bigger the rug the costlier it gets. But, nowadays there are lots of inexpensive options online. The e-commerce websites are filled with colorful and quality rugs at the affordable cost. So, you definitely do not have to dig a hole in your pocket to buy the rug for your home.

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