Advantages Of Licensed Brothel And How They Make Workers Feel Safer

Prostitution is known as one of the oldest professions. It has existed in our society since time immemorial and has survived bans and regulations of all hues in all societies. There are many unforeseen circumstances that nudge women to opt for this profession and poverty is one of them, but over the years attitude about adult industry has changed and many women have begun to take a profession in adult industry as just another source of revenue especially with legalization of adult industry and the safety and other benefits it offers.

Licensing of brothels has become mandatory in places where adult industry is legal. These brothels have to strictly comply local rules that ensure safety, privacy protection, abuse prevention, dignity to the staff, and employment benefits for its staff.

Brothel had earned a bad name over the centuries as being a place of abuse, violence, and ill-treatment of women often wrongfully coerced into flesh trade. Licensed brothels legalise industry to discourage unchecked and illegal flesh trade and all the STD.

Let us examine the main objectives that local governments intend to achieve by permitting licensed brothels. Most of the licensed brothels are permitted in communities that are culturally and educationally advanced. This is because community leaders of these societies have factored the need to address the concerns of women involved in the adult industry.


Customers who solicit the services of the licensed brothels will have to ensure that they engage with the brothel staff in a safe atmosphere where there is no room for force or any kind of violence. Also, where the services are offered only after the terms and conditions of the licensed brothel are accepted.

Prevention of Abuse And Exploitation

Forced prostitution and child prostitution have become rampant and a bane for all the modern societies. By encouraging legal brothels, the government intends to discourage illegal and shady brothels that often rely on abuse and exploitation. By undertaking strict policing against illegal trade and by encouraging legal trade, attempts are being successfully made to thwart the scope of flesh trade that thrives on force and exploitation.


Like every other job, where workers have the right to dignity and freedom. Legalised adult industry also follows strict rules that ensure the dignity to its staff and where all customers are briefed about the dos and don’ts of the brothel. A customer can proceed to enjoy the services only if the brothel makes a commitment to compliance with the rules.

Workers Rights

Often, without any legal protection or monitoring, women get exploited and cheated by some low-class brothels. They are not duly given their fair share of benefits. Sometimes, they are forced to work beyond their volition and in conditions that are disrespectful and filthy. However, legal brothels ensure that they meet required standards and thus have a clear policy on passing on the benefits to the worker. These brothels also provide health and social benefits to their staff.

An operation of a legal brothel discourages illegal flesh trade in the neighbourhood as legal brothels are run professionally and offer charges that are negotiable and more over don’t break the law. Legal brothels are strictly monitored for compliance which ensures that their every customer gets a better deal. These factors render illegal trade unprofitable and thus attempt to discourage and reduce forced prostitution, child prostitution, as well as prevent abuse and violence against women.

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