After The Remodel How To Accessorize Your Home

After The Remodel: How To Accessorize Your Home

Having grafted over time to complete your house’s remodel, you now have the semblance of a home, but it’s this final stage of your project that visitors see and pass comment on, and not the hours of blood, sweat and tears that got you to it. Frustrating as it may seem, this last stage of the work takes the least physical effort, but it’s what will deem your remodel a success or failure. To help you on your way, here is a room-by-room guide to help you bring your look together in your home’s interior design.

The Living Room

The living room is the room in the house where guests are traditionally hosted, and where we spend time together as a family. Sofas are the main feature in any living room, so take care to choose one that satisfies your style and is comfortable too. Choose clean lines that provide stylistic continuity, Modloft is a collection of stylish furniture that takes this approach, and offers a subtle nod to sophistication without being overbearing. The accessories you choose for the room need to fulfil a function; pillows, rugs and throws to provide luxurious textures and coziness, while decorative book ends, lamps and ornaments to showcase your personality.

The Kitchen

Typically, homes have an abundance of kitchen accessories, so complete an audit of what you have: list what you use, and what you don’t. Keep only the accessories that you use. This is the opportunity to buy new kitchen accessories that can be displayed to enhance your design scheme such as copper pots and stylish containers for your dry foods. Your sense of fun may dictate that you have furnishings that are brightly colored to use as a statement, and this is the room to do it in.

The Dining Room

The dining room can be dressed to create a space that is harmonious and balanced. Your table and chairs are the focal point, but by adding a statement centerpiece you can add visual interest and height. Think about a candelabra that will provide flickering candlelight to create an intimate dining experience.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your retreat, and so the fabrics and textiles that you choose must command an air of sophistication and luxury to support your quest for relaxation. Choose high quality bed linens in muted tones, and cashmere blankets to add to the opulence. Scented candles with fragrances that are beneficial to aid sleep such as lavender and chamomile will bring a calming influence into your private space.

The Bathroom

Your bathroom’s accessories have to be functional, but that doesn’t mean not decorative. If the bare shell of your bathroom lacks color, use your bath linens to inject some accents into it and add some new interest. Think about the textures, materials and shapes of your accessories; repetition can ensure that you get a stylish finish.

The hard work is in the remodel itself, but by paying attention to how you accessorize your home you can have a home you can be proud of. Remember to bring houseplants in to your home – they tend to be an afterthought, but they really do add another creative layer that is as important as the other accessories in your rooms.

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