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Air Conditioner: Signs Of Malfunctioning

Purchasing a new home is a big investment and the appliances also plays huge role to provide comfort. AC is a common appliance important for potential home buyer and also for existing home. Although inspection of tools and appliances are very important to know that appliances are in proper working condition or not.

A Case Study of India and Air Conditioning

The people living in northern part of India during peak summer often complaint that compressor is not working properly and AC is not working efficiently. Such a problem arises due to the fact that the job of the Air Conditioner is to take heat from inside of the room to outside. Unknowingly, it is installed outside the room and is directly facing the sunlight. So, if the outside temperature is high then the Air Conditioner will not be able to perform the cooling effect properly.

If the temperature increases beyond the optimum temperature then the efficiency of air conditioner becomes low and it reaches the stage where the compressor stops working completely. The expected temperature in which an Air Conditioner can work is from 46 to 48 degrees. But, beyond this temperature, the AC does not work efficiently. However, some models can handle the temperature rise up to 52 or 54 degrees.

As installing AC outside rooms creates issues. Hence the best alternative for the same is to place plants around AC or sprinkle some water. A common mistake which people make while buying an AC is that they consider budget and not the requirement of the room. A small AC in a huge room is useless and does not serve the purpose. Certain cities where temperature is high requires more cooling as compared to cities with humidity.

Temperature is an Issue!

It is very necessary to feel the temperature in each room. There are certain queries such as “is it equally cooling in all the room? ” Have you noticed any difference ? But, if you notice any difference then it would be better to install a new Air Conditioning system for your residence to remain comfortable.

Use Efficiently

The electrical appliances have an age limit and every year, the efficiency of the appliances goes down. Same goes with Air Conditioners as well. The rate of cooling of the AC gets reduced with time and it consumes more electricity. The warranty, the condition as well as the energy efficiency or SEER rating of the unit varies with time as well. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio measures the cooling efficiency of heat pump.

In January 2006, the minimum allowable SEER rating for new centralized AC was 10. But, afterwards, the allowable range becomes 13. It is better to check that the indoor unit is leaking as condensation can harbor mold which can eventually affect the air quality of the room and has the potential to make you ill. So, if there are any signs of moisture then it is better to install a new AC or repair the existing one.

However, air conditioners faces other problems such as faulty installation, poor service procedure, inadequate maintenance. If the air conditioner is not installed properly then it can result in leaky duct and low airflow. If installation is not performed properly or maintenance is not performed then performance and efficiency of the unit gets affected.

Hence maintainence of the AC is very crucial.Use it with adequate care and attention so as to optimize its usage.

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