All Bathrooms Should Have Carpets

In recent decades, laminate, vinyl and tiled flooring have been the top choices for bathrooms. They supposedly create the modern, minimalist look that so many people crave, making them firm favourites when it comes to interior design. But how many people consider the downsides of laminated flooring when decorating a new bathroom?

How many people consider the once favoured alternative – the carpet? Very few it would seem, but to not consider carpet would be a mistake. Laminate and vinyl floorings can be dangerous, hard to clean, cold, and they damage easily.

Carpets, on the other hand, are much safer, can be cleaned easily, and offer an added layer of warmth. With all these benefits, carpets are surely the obvious choice for bathroom flooring. We explore the case for carpets more detail below.

Safety First

We’ve all experienced that dreaded moment of fear, stepping out of the shower onto a slippery floor, sliding across the bathroom in a manner which can hardly be described as elegant.

Whilst this may not seem like a major problem on first inspection, slippery surfaces can be dangerous. This is particularly true for elderly people who may lack the balance of their younger self, and for children jumping out of the shower in a youthful rush of excitement. It’s all too easily to slip on a tiled, laminated or vinyl surface and incur a fracture or even a head injury on one of the many solid bathroom appliances in the surrounding area.

The simple solution to prevent such an accident is to replace your flooring with carpet. Those with elderly or young family members should give this idea even more consideration. Carpets add a greater layer of friction under the feet, making it far less likely that people will slip and fall, even when the floor is wet.

Domestic Practicalities

Not only do non-carpeted floors pick up dirt more easily, their grubbiness is far more visible and far harder to clean. What is the point of a modern, chic bathroom if it is either going to look dirty or demand constant cleaning? Carpets do a much better job of disguising dirt, and if that isn’t enough, they’re much easier to clean. A two minute vacuum job will leave your bathroom looking as good as new, without the need to scrub stubborn stains.

Winter Warmth

If this isn’t reason enough to convert to carpet, think of the added comfort. As the winter months draw in, the fear of stepping out of the warm shower into a cold bathroom becomes more and more of a reality. To make this even worse, tiled, laminated and vinyl floors retain water after someone has showered, becoming increasingly cold. If you’re third or fourth in the shower queue, make sure you have a decent floor mat or prepare to feel the cold on your feet.

Want to avoid the problem all together? Invest in a waterproof bathroom carpet. As the name suggests, these carpets don’t retain water, meaning you won’t feel impending frostbite every time you step out of the bath or shower. To add even more weight to the case that all bathrooms should have carpets, carpets are often much comfier to stand on, offering an all-round greater bathroom experience. Take a step back and swap your standard flooring for the comfort, warmth and safety of a carpet.

Chloe Cotton is the manager of The Happiest Homes website, which offers home improvement and decorations ideas and tips.

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