All You Need To Know About Speeding and Car Accidents

All You Need To Know About Speeding and Car Accidents

Speeding is one of those violations that can wreak havoc on the driver by itself. When it involves an accident, the consequences can be utterly devastating. The offender is then vulnerable to not only the traffic tickets but also to heavy monetary compensation to anyone who suffers an injury because of his or her speeding. A personal injury attorney in Miami may be able to help you if you have been victimized by a speeding individual. Here’s why:

Speeding Is Neglect

Anytime a person puts other people’s lives in danger for the sake of “fun” or “time saving,” that person exercises extreme neglect. The speeding driver does not think about the danger level that speeding takes the journey to. The person does not look out for the well-being of other drivers or himself or herself. Gross neglect occurs, which is why the victim can get help from an injury attorney Miami office, and that office can fight to get that person compensation.

Neglect in an Accident Means Personal Injury

A personal injury is an injury that occurs because of neglect. Speeding qualifies as neglect, so any person who receives an injury from it can qualify for an accident lawyer specialist to ask a judge to order an offender to pay for medical bills, treatment, medications, work losses, late rent and so forth. Most of the settlement will take care of such things. An attorney can ask for punitive damages in a speeding case, too. Judges will only award punitive damages if there is severe neglect and if he ordered compensatory damages, as well. In many cases, speeding will be classified as severe neglect because the offender disregarded the traffic laws and showed no respect for human life. The plaintiff can use the funds from it in any manner that he or she pleases.

Speeding and Insurance Companies

If you’re a victim, you can still pursue auto repairs from your insurance company even though you are speaking to a personal injury attorney expert. You have a right to have your vehicle fixed by the insurance company of the person who plowed into you because of speeding. An attorney can assist you if for some reason the insurance company does not want to pay.

Speeding and Criminal Charges

The offender in a speeding accident may have to face criminal charges if the police detected drunkenness or the person was driving recklessly as well. The fines and surcharges can be massive, but that has nothing to do with the personal injury compensation. That’s an entirely different matter, and an injury attorney can assist you there.

Getting Personal Injury Help

If you are a victim of a speeding accident, you are well within your rights to contact a personal injury attorney and schedule a consultation. You can either call the office directly by phone, or you can use an online form. A consultation is not a commitment. It’s just a meeting that lets the accident lawyer Miami specialist know some more information about your case. He or she will let you know if it’s viable after you call.

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