Amazing Attractions Offered by South India Temple Package

South India is indeed incredible destination that needs to be visited by people of all ages, especially those who are religious at heart. The reason is because, the southern part of the country does boast of having a very long and rich cultural heritage. Temples located here are among the major attractions that does deserve a special visit. Most of the temples here are magnificent work of art and architecture constructed centuries ago.

South India temple tour – Some important Cities to Visit

  • Chennai: Having a wonderful history of more than 350 years, it is the state’s capital city. There are numerous attractions here like the enchanting beaches, magnificent temples, handicrafts, gardens, monuments, etc. Few famous attractions here are Kapileshwar temple, Marina beach, Fort St. George, Government Museum, San Thome Cathedral, etc.
  • Mahabalipuram: This historical city is of mythological significance. The monolithic structures are said to have their very own charm. This city is said to date to the 7th century and has some of the amazing monuments and temples. The Shore temple was constructed during the 8th century and is among South India’s oldest temples and among the world Heritage sites. It has some world-famous attractions like the Monolithic Rathas, Cave Temples, Krishna Mandapa, Arjuna’s Penance, structural temple and sculpted relief.
  • Madurai: This town is home to the famous Meenakshi Temple. This city is considered to be South India’s second largest and also among the oldest. It is located on Vaigai River’s banks and has colourful carvings and sculptures. The temple has been intricately carved and has been dedicated to Parvati, the Hindu Goddess. The city is also synonymous with dance, art, literature and music.
  • Tanjore: It is well known for handicrafts, music and art and does have over 70 temples. Tanjore’s Brihadeshwara Temple is one of the World Heritage Sites in the country, attracting devotees from all over the world. The temple’s sculpture and architectural beauty is just fabulous and it was during the 10th century that it was built.
  • Kumarakom: This is famous for bird sanctuary and home to different types of wildlife species. It is also considered to be among the best bird sanctuaries. The backwaters of this place are another major attraction for tourists to visit in large numbers.
  • Periyar: This popular wildlife destination is visited by nature enthusiasts. It is also famous for spice, coffee and tea plantations. Periyar Lake which bypasses the sanctuary is said to offer the visitors with boating facility. One can stroll in the gardens and enjoy getting refreshed.
  • Cochin: It is popularly called Kochi and dubbed “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. This city is also Kerala’s 2nd largest and is of great commercial importance. There are several temples here like Sabarimala temple, Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple and Vadakkunnathan temple.
  • Alleppey: This fascinating destination is popular for its houseboats and backwater. It does boast of having sheer beauty. Alleppey is colloquially called “Venice of East”.

A well selected package is sure to take the tourist to different interesting temple destinations.

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