Amazing, Classy Touches You Must Add To Your Home Mini-Bar

A mini-bar is a part of our homes where we find plenty of comfort and enjoyment during our spare time or after a long day at work. While it is true that a home mini-bar’s main essentials are drinks, chairs and a counter, there are plenty of ways you can improve the atmosphere of this area so you will have a better, more enjoyable experience.

The key to improving an atmosphere is to focus on the senses. Not just what you see, but also what you can smell and hear when you are drinking and having a good time at your mini-bar. You can make it so iconic that even your guests will want to visit and spend time with you there rather than going to a real bar.

Use A Scent – A diffuser is the easiest, most subtle option to get for a mini-bar since the scent can waft gently from it and into the room. Most automatic fresheners have annoying, periodical sprays that can make a loud noise and can accidentally spray on anything or anyone who happens to pass by it. An oil burner is also a good way to disperse fragrance but the strength of its scents can be quite overwhelming, especially for just one room. Use mild, general scents that people don’t get tired of easily, such as a faint vanilla, lavender or patchouli.

Play Jazz Music – There’s a reason why plenty of iconic bars play jazz or blues music. Such music is somewhat lively but toned down and relaxed at the same time. Choose great jazz artists such as Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and play their songs on speakers situated around your mini-bar for a classic, timeless atmosphere. A quick way to have surround sound is to purchase and install several bluetooth speakers you can easily connect to your phone or any device with music.

Install Vintage Decor – You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to give your mini-bar a vintage aura. It only takes a couple of tasteful, strategically placed decorations that will change the whole look of the area. The most versatile decor piece you can install is a neon sign that you can hang on any wall (or even just at the entrance) in your mini-bar. A neon sign can definitely give an obvious 50’s vibe as it makes a loud statement. Also, pick a mini fridge that has an outer retro design, there are many bar fridges online to choose from and these can be shipped directly to your home.

If you want to make bigger touches to your home mini-bar, you can always take it a step further and paint the walls a darker color (though not in black) to dim the room. You can do the painting yourself or hire a professional painter, whichever suits your time and budget.

You know you’ve done a great job designing your mini-bar when you find yourself heading home more often to have a drink rather than going out into the bar scene.

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