MacBook Air 2015

Apple MacBook Air 2015: Release Date, Specs and Features

The Apple MacBook Air is a major line of Macintosh ultra-portable note-book computers from Apple Inc. The Apple MacBook Air had been designed to control the balance between the portability and performance, including a full-sized keyboard, a casing of aluminium, and a very lighter and thinner structure for the users. This Apple notebook, Apple MacBook Air, is coming available in two different sizes; the diagonal display determined the model and the models are 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch. A very good range of notebooks by Apple Inc. comes with different specifications and by 2014, all Apple MacBook Air models use Solid-State Drive (SSD) storage and the fifth or seventh generation CPUs i.e. Intel Core i5 or i7.

In the Apple Macintosh product range, the Apple MacBook Air comes below the high-performance and thick Apple MacBook Pro. The white Apple MacBook was put above the Apple MacBook Air, as it was originally launched as a premium ultra-portable. Well, the bad news is that Apple MacBook was discontinued in 2011 and there was need for low-price computers, which served the purpose of being lighter, faster and thinner range of computers. The good news is that the Apple Macbook Air has now the tittle of best-selling Apple computer and the best-selling ultra-portable notebook. And, Apple MacBook was also credited with the term revolutionary lighter yet powerful laptops as Ultra-books.

Release Date of Apple MacBook Air 2015

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation from Apple Inc. about the release date of MacBook Air 2015 but we have hearsays and quite believable things about release date. And, the big news is that Apple would be announcing the release date of MacBook Air 2015 in few months. And, the next generation Apple MacBook Air will be revolutionary than its predecessors, the Apple MacBook Air 2013 and the Apple MacBook Air 2014. And, here the rumoured release dates: Apple MacBook Air 11 on April, 2015, Apple MacBook Air 12 on April, 2015 and Apple MacBook Air 13 on April, 2015.

Specifications and Features

There is a long list of expected specifications and features of Apple MacBook Air 2015 but what get the importance is the question, is not it? It is said that the next generation MacBook Air will be having a revolutionary Retina Display. Well, there are some expected specifications and features of Apple MacBook 2015: Intel Broad-well Core M5Y71, 1.2 GHz to 2.9 GHz; Intel HD 5300 Graphics; 4 GB & 8 GB DDR3 RAM; GPU 900 MHz; Battery backup up to 14 hours; Retina Resolution display and the Touch ID like Finger print sensor. And, it is believed so far that next generation Apple MacBook Air 2015 will be available in three models: Apple MacBook Air 11, Apple MacBook Air 12 and Apple MacBook Air 13.

Considerably, everyone has to wait now for some time only. There will be official announcement about Apple MacBook Air 2015 by Apple Inc. very soon. Then for before that keep reading and increasing your knowledge of Apple MacBook Air 2015.

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