Are We Losing Our Way Somewhere?

Are We Losing Our Way Somewhere

The days of excesses now over and with the dust of crazy consumerism settling in, the world witnesses a problem of a different kind, I call it the “Sentimental re-orientation”.

Riding the bounty of economic ascent over the past decade, we as a set of people, courtesy American adventurism, thought were perennially insulated against economic turbulence. Finding ourselves sinking into the fault lines of super consumptive behaviour, today we face a crisis of confidence and this painful process of re-invention is just not being felt easy. Thankfully though, a few countries like India statistically have yet remained to be relatively less affected, they have not absolved from the soreness of this negative contagion.

When the going was all happy, the vanity and extravagance was vehemently being redefined by the day. Almost every faculty of common living had become too dynamic and the vulgar excesses were gaining societal acceptance at a rapid pace. We were all loosing ourselves somewhere and traveling into unexplored frontiers. We had to stop somewhere, and when we stopped, the inertia was too strong to keep us standing on our feet. We have been knocked down, and knocked down seriously.

We are now picking up our lessons from this global financial misdemeanor, getting up, dusting ourselves and beginning a new journey despite being robbed and mauled. This neo-evolution is however laced with very vocal feelings of discomfort and a low morale. The transition now requires re-inventing ways of positive communication. We shall stay for eternity and this would need a continuous supply of all what we need to live, things will have to start looking up, but we cannot forget for a moment that the indomitable human spirit has never ever succumbed.

Because there is homogeneity in the way lots of things are done in the world including business, it also relates that the language and the sentiment in conducting these also remain very similar. However, it is being observed that most of the world with great alacrity has embraced the problems in unison and its accompanying sentiment in almost a philharmonic way. The mood remains largely negative and common market place talk is all lingering in the garden of sour fruits and soggy flowers. This is not welcome.

We need an over haul of our patterns of communication and take this toppling phase of events in our stride with new enthusiasm. We need to maintain a positive outlook and ride the tide with positive vibes of rejuvenation and begin to feel good about the fight back. Until we don’t do it, we may just have to wait longer than ever to allow things to take care of on their own. We need to participate in this “sentimental re-orientation” on a war footing as choosing to remain in the negative domain at this juncture is only going to make things worse from here.

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