Ash Hardwood Flooring For Your Kitchen

Ash Hardwood Flooring For Your Kitchen

Cooking and the importance of having a great, functional, kitchen is making something of a huge comeback. Once seen as the true heart of the home, the kitchen is becoming somewhere people enjoy spending time again. It is no longer just a place to quickly cook a meal but rather somewhere to create and experiment with flavors to produce new recipes and meals for your friends and families. And this means that when it comes to getting the kitchen redone people are paying more attention to the choices that they make. This is understandable as they are spending more time in there and in many cases using it to entertain if they have a kitchen diner. But your kitchen isn’t just made up of the units that you choose and the type of kitchen worktop you pick. The flooring that you choose can play a real part in any kitchen redesign, and if you are spending a good sum on everything else it is important to make sure that your flooring doesn’t let you down.

Hardwood flooring makes an excellent choice for a kitchen and works well with both contemporary designs and the more traditional styles as well.

Why Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash hardwood flooring is incredibly durable and very well suited for use in any room in your home, however, it is very popular for use in the kitchen.

Ash is approximately 10% harder than Oak hardwood flooring, which means that not only is it very durable but that it is also resistant to impact. This is great news when it comes to kitchen flooring, where it will probably be subjected to a significant amount of foot traffic. Your kitchen floor is also far more likely to suffer from spills and splashes, that is an all too common occurrence when you are cooking, especially if you are rushing. Then there are the things that are more likely to fall on your kitchen floor, tins and packets when you open over full cupboards, that stack of pans when you are scrabbling in the cupboard looking for the one you want. All of these can damage your flooring if you don’t pick the right type. A good quality hardwood flooring, the more durable the better, will last for years and should be a very good investment.

Ash Hardwood Flooring For Your Kitchen

A Great Range of Shades

Ash hardwood flooring can be found in many different shades. Most of these are lighter shades which range from the paler yellow shades right up to medium brown shades – so you really can find something to suit not only the style but also the color scheme of your kitchen. It is important however when choosing your Ash hardwood flooring to remember that over time natural wood flooring can undergo some subtle color changing due to natural light sources. So, bare this in mind especially when choosing a darker shade.

Because most shades of Ash hardwood flooring are on the lighter side, this means that it is a great flooring choice for any smaller kitchen where it can really help to create the illusion of more space, especially when combined with other light shades throughout the room.

If you do choose a shade that you later decide does not quite fit with the image you had of your new kitchen then don’t worry because of another advantage of choosing Ash if that it takes really well to both finishes and stains. So, if you do change your mind, you won’t need to live with the shade you do have you can simply change it to a different shade making your beautiful new kitchen look exactly how you want it to.

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