Autumn Bridesmaids Dresses

7 Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Trends

More and more these days, the idea of having an autumn or winter wedding has captivated the imaginations of many a soon to be wed couple. While the weather may not be as warm and sunny at this point in the year, you can rest assured that this late in the year weddings will be no less stylish.

Second only to the bride’s dress, come the bridesmaids’ dresses. They too need to be at the peak of current fashion sensibility, combining an elegant look with the latest style trends. So, without further ado, here are seven on trend autumn bridesmaid dress ideas for the season:

  1. Tea Dresses

A tea dress has a hemline which falls below the knee. These are considered semi-formal thanks to their retro vibes yet still manage to look sophisticated. They tend to be made up of fabrics layered selectively from a chiffon to give a tutu-inspired appearance.

  1. One Shoulder Dress

A one shoulder dress strikes a balance between showing off some skin and not looking too revealing. This classic and elegant look is great for early Autumn weddings, when the weather is not too chilly.

  1. Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves represent an alternative strapless dress style. Having a delicate sleeve with vintage touch, cap sleeves do show off part of the shoulder, but they aren’t really left bare.

  1. Tiered Skirt

Tired of traditional bridesmaids’ dresses? Try a tiered skirt style. The extra layers give off a cool rustic boho vibe which is perfect for the autumn season.

  1. Cotton Lace

Freshly textured cotton with a pastel shade brings about an understated elegance which makes bridesmaids look classy without being overbearing.

  1. Two Piece

A two piece is an unusual choice for a bridesmaid dress. While such an option may not be the most traditional, it is becoming increasingly popular with the younger crowd. Once everything matches and looks classy you should be good to go!

  1. Sheer Fabrics

A lengthy dress which goes all the way to the floor, with layers of sheer fabrics, brings a comfy vibe. Such dresses are nice when worn in a soft color.

By implementing some of the above recommendations into your bridal party, you will help accentuate the cosy ambience that is typically associated with an autumn wedding.

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