Basement Waterproofing and Its Kinds

The basement of your home is quite an important part of your home and it shouldn’t be neglected in any case. If there are signs of dampness or wetness, you should get it treated immediately since it can reduce the life span of your beloved home. Water seepage is quite a common problem nowadays hence you should keep a close eye on your basement walls and floors.

There are two kinds of basement waterproofing done depending on the nature of problem which includes the interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing. The kind is usually determined once the nature of the problem is figured out.

A good basement waterproofing company will help you in identifying the problem of wetness or dampness along with its severity before it jumps to giving you the solutions. A brief introduction of both the kinds of basement waterproofing is given as follows:

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

The exterior waterproofing is a long process itself but to cut it short the foundations of the house are exposed by digging the walls. Then these walls are inspected for cracks and then sealed with the help of a waterproof coating or membrane. New weeping or drainage tiles are placed at the footing sides. And after their placement they are checked if the connection of these tiles to the drain is made properly. The exterior waterproofing may not be ideal in some cases where there are trees, pathways or other hindrances that the owner of the house doesn’t wish to compromise.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

This kind of basement waterproofing involves installation of vapor retarders/barriers as well as drip moldings for the collection of water seepage through cracks and other defected areas of the walls. With the help of a drain the water is directed to a sump pump and eventually it directs the water out from the basement. Interior basement waterproofing is usually less costly compared to the exterior one because of the nature of work involved.

Now you have a general idea on the two kinds of basement waterproofing, it is time to look for the best contractor who can get this done at the best price without compromising over the quality of the work done. Moreover, good basement waterproofing companies organize regular visits to your premises once the treatment is done to ensure that the treatment is working properly and no further water leakage problems are encountered.

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