Be On Top Of Your Game When It Comes To Rental Cars

Travel on your mind? When you are travelling, the first thing you check out apart from your travel tickets are the car rental options available in the place. Not all companies that you see online are genuine. If you are booking a car rental for the first time, then you can easily get swayed by car rental agencies trying to sell of extra insurance or services which you do not need.

Extra Stuff That Car Rentals Might Sell

The experienced customers will know what this is all about. When you go up to a rental car counter, you can be assured that the sales person might coax you to cough up more money on stuff that you actually do not require. This is where you need to be smart and avoid being tricked by them.

Some of the things to look out for would be:

  • Collison Damage Waiver Insurance – Many of the major credit card companies cover for this and you need not have to purchase them from car rental companies
  • Hidden charges such as tow, administrative and other charges
  • Persuading you to upgrade for an expensive model as the model you require is not available
  • Get it Full and Return it Full Fuel Policy
  • Pay extra for additional stuff like GPS tracker or baby seats

Read the Small Print before Finalizing Anything

No matter how credible the car rental company is, it is always better to read the terms and conditions offered by them. Ensure that you are clear with these and if you have any queries regarding a clause, get it clarified right away with the company. Do not pin your hopes on one car agency.

Online websites are the best option when it comes to searching and reviewing for credible car rental companies. Do you plan on travelling to Los Angeles and are looking at renting luxury cars? Simply typing rent luxury car Los Angeles onto the search engines can provide you with a lot of car rental agencies in Los Angeles.

Make a list of such rental companies and compare the quotes offered by them. Ensure that you call them up and enquire about the fees and various luxury car models they offer. Ask as many questions as you can. Go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing the agreement.

Renting Out Your Car

Many people generally feel that instead of turning to rental car companies, they can easily rent them from owners. If you plan on renting out your car, then the following tips might come in handy:

  • Ensure that your car is in a good working condition
  • Upload good quality pictures of your car so that it can attract prospective buyers
  • Ensure that you advertise your car in social networking websites
  • Fill up your fuel tank. Ensure that your customer knows that they need to fill in the same amount of fuel when they return the car
  • Price your car accordingly


Know the nitty gritty about your car and the rental agreement. In case the customers have queries, you can answer them to the best of your knowledge and get the best deals on your rental car.

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