Beauty With Coffee

Beauty With Coffee

The world is going blimey( in a positive way), with the numerous hacks & do-it-yourself or diy’s , as they are called, from stuff that can be found at home and can be used as a replacement to the otherwise expensive cosmetics, home-decor etc.

And believe it or not, most of the hacks/ diys have one or more item from the kitchen shelf; be it the herbal benefits from turmeric or the cooling effect of buttermilk. You name it, and every article from the kitchen has some benefit that can utilized in a proper manner, for beauty purpose.

Lo & behold, the master of all , Coffee, as in the grounded brown thing that revives your body & mind every single morning & maybe even be a part of your evening snack.Apart from being scientifically proven as being beneficial in reducing the risk of Cardiovascular disease & Diabetes Type 2, coffee has also been seen bringing beauty benefits.The antioxidants present in the coffee help externally by delaying prematuring & reducing free radicals & when brewed and taken as a beverage , the flavonoids are released which boost up the antioxidants characteristics   The benefits of coffee is giving the beauty market an uprising with numerous beauty brands making coffee an essential part of their beauty products. Be it the scrubs or body wash, beauty moguls have increased & retained  their market presence by the use of products from the kitchen, itself, hereby charging you bucks for most of what can be made at home using simple quantity process.

Check out some of the masks & scrub you can make from coffee & feel as relaxed & beautiful outside, as inside :

For oily skin:

Being rich in antioxidants  & aiding blood circulation coffee grounds can be used to get rid of dead skin on face, arms, elbow, knees & legs giving way to a supple body that has a natural glow.

You can either mix coffee grounds with yogurt or honey.Scrub on your face for 5 minutes & leave it for 15 minutes more. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

For skin pigmentation:

Coffee mixed with milk & lemon juice (optional) can help in reducing pigmentation & skin tanning over a period of time, if used correctly and regularly.

The antioxidants of coffee, combined with the lactic acid and the citric acid pack a powerhouse which when used on a regular basis gives the skin a natural glow and helps in even-out the skin tone.

For combination skin:

You see celebrities obsessed with skin tightening & botox. Well, to each his own but not everyone has that kind of money and honestly why must you feel the need to waste big sum of money when you have coffee to do the process sans side-effects of chemicals( that limit your natural smile, ugh!) ?

Coffee when mixed with turmeric & yogurt proves to be a effective for skin lacking lustre and firmness.

Regular application of this combination of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants with the cooling & moisturizing benefits of this paste will give you a tightened blemish free, soft skin.

For hair:

Coffee offers several hair benefits like:

Weekly massage of coffee ground help Increasing blood circulation thereby promoting hair growth;

To those who love to experiment with their hair but remain wary of the damage done by chemical colors can find their solace in using coffee as a dye.

Brew 1 cup ( depending on your hair length) of fresh coffee grounds and let it cool. With the help of a salon color brush, apply coffee on your hair. strand by strand and let it sit till its dry. Wash it off with lukewarm water thereafter. Et VOila, natural brown soft hair.

Detangling can be such a pain in the nape. Try washing off your hair after shampoo with coffee to make them more manageable.

Now that you have learned the rejuvenating beauty benefits of coffee, we wish on you, a happy & healthy, mind & body.

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