Binary Options Signals Basics – Platforms

Platform Goals

Unlike other signal providers, Binary Options Trading Signals has a goal of looking at a calendar week to measure success, rather than looking at a single day or trade. In most cases, investors can expect to see between three and five signals given during each day in the time period listed above.

Due to the 15-minute trade window options, some traders can choose to use a strategy called the four-candle or Martingale system to double their current investment if they lose the first one, continuing until they reach a win.

Costs Associated with the Service

One of the things that is not currently available from this signal provider is the opportunity to try out the service at no cost or at a reduced price. Fees are charged bi-weekly and run just under a hundred dollars. However, the educational elements provided by the platform can make this upfront cost worthwhile to novice investors or traders who want to grow in their craft.

A Review of the Platform

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the signals provided by the Binary Options Trading Signals site is that investors can get a lot of information about the types of trades being performed, while learning not only from a master investor, but also from the successes and failures of others in the specific trade group that they are in. This offers unique benefits within the platform that simply cannot be matched by traditional service providers, many of whom just send out trade suggestions with the backing information about why the trade is being suggested.

This kind of trading strategy does require a decent amount of time to be set aside each day, especially if you are considering being active during the entire trade week, which is recommended, especially at the current fee structure for the use of the service.

There is also a lot of flexibility associated with this particular trade model, especially when different investors can use different techniques within the 15-minute trade windows. Over time, even novice investors can explore new strategies and explore their comfort with various tips and tricks while benefiting from the wisdom and experience of other investors within the group, sharing information about wins and losses.

As mentioned above, this kind of platform is not going to be the right approach for everyone, but there are a number of different kinds of investors who might see better long-term results with a partnership with this service. With educational elements, fairly good results, and a high degree of flexibility, Binary Options Trading Signals provides one of the more innovative signal provision services available today.

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