Boost Competence In Change Management Through Highly Effective Neuroscience Based Methodologies

In the globalized era, to survive and continue growing, companies from corporate to small business entrepreneurs are expected to go on changing technologies, products as well as business strategies to remain striving and competitive. Therefore, managing change widely known as ‘change management’ is an integral part in the world of business management. It’s better to say that your core competence should no longer stay stagnant with a view that ‘so, finally we have reached.’

Nevertheless, the reality is bit different. There are innumerable commercial houses which are facing multiple issues to adapt or adopt the new facets, equipping with which is crucial. Why so? This is because; the tempo or the accelerating pace is very much unified with a number of complexities, hazards and risk factors or uncertainties. And to attain all these factors what is significant for you is getting skilled in Change Management techniques. Based in Carson City, Nevada, NeuroSense Consulting is a next generation group that specializes in HR development consultancy and Business management coaching based upon certain scientific methodologies that eventually help boost organizational competence, efficiency and in fast familiarizing to change management needs. But they do it differently!

How Differently They Do It?

Amazingly, there approach is 360 degree divergent. This diametrically opposed technique is designed according to neuroscience where the human brain is also involved. To those, the procedure appears to be ‘never-heard-before’, should kindly understand that the processes help administrators understand the character of change from the core of their mind. And based on these fundamentals of neuroscience, the community people offer a series of wonderful business management services including Effective Leadership Development, Workplace Assessments, Realistic Succession Planning as well as Coaching to Supervisors that help them enhance employee motivation & involvement and increase productivity.

Specialty Areas of NeuroSense

  • Neuroscience-Based Business Coaching
  • Leadership Development/ Succession Planning,
  • Change Management
  • Customize Management Training

NeuroSense Consulting is a cutting edge invention of two masterminds Susan J. Starting as well Bradley G Harris. Susan completed her Bachelor’s degree with specialization in Psychology. She also holds a Masters Degree, major in Educational Administration and both courses are done from the State University of Colorado, the US. Susan is supported by a Brain-Based behavioral science curriculum while she was associated with the NeuroLeadership Group.

As it comes to her earlier professional career, Susan J Strating worked for the multinational computer company HP in its leadership position. Aside from this, she has broad working experience specifically for Human Resource Development in some Major as well as medium sized companies. She has superlative scale of expertise and knowledge in some domains including coaching, training, assessment & development, succession planning, employee communication and performance management. In addition, Susan is extensively acknowledged of being the Co-Vice President of NCET or Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, in its area, ‘The Events Management’.

Bradley G Harris is backed by a Marketing degree and MBA from Indiana University. Similar to Susan J Strating, he is also outfitted with certification in Brain Based Coaching out of NeuroLeadership Group. He is an esteemed member of the International Coaching Federation. To reinforce understanding and competence in change management, NeuroSense consultancy evaluates the entire resistive factors and offers a comprehensive 1½ hours training ‘The Brain and Change’ curriculum that educates as to how the brain reacts to change management.

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