Innovative Processes of Bpm’online for Financial Organizations

BPM Finance: The Smart Decision For Monetary Companies

Business process management or, as it’s abbreviated, BPM programs have become an essential component of present-day business. Such systems possess a variety of tools for the improvement of organizational productivity, efficiency, and profitability. The only stipulation is that the software should be implemented correctly; otherwise, you won’t be able to embrace all the opportunities of such solutions.

BPM systems are suitable for all spheres of business, including finance, marketing, sales, service and many others. One of them is bpm’online – a premium cloud-based product aimed at streamlining of customer-facing operations. This software is designed for companies of all sizes from different spheres of business, including financial organizations and banks. CRM bpm’online possesses a wide set of tools, which allow enterprises to automate their workflows, build the relationships among the staff, monitor the productivity of the team, and perform a number of other everyday tasks. You can get additional information on this software on

Innovative Processes of Bpm’online for Financial Organizations

The platform includes a variety of tools for the following aspects of business:

Bank customer journey. This BPM software lets companies create a unified client base and keep the data about customer interactions, requests, and products all in the same place. You will be able to evaluate the completeness of every profile and add relevant information to it, when necessary. Companies get the perfect opportunity to segment their clients in accordance with their socio-demographic data, select the most perspective customers, and personalize the interaction strategy for each group of clients. One more pleasant advantage of this BPM finance solution is that it lets companies enrich their databases through social media: by getting an information on contacts and companies from Facebook and Twitter, they can make noticeable progress in lead nurturing.

BPM Finance: The Smart Decision For Monetary Companies

Bank sales. Bpm’online provides financial enterprises with possibilities to manage their end-to-end sales processes much faster and easier. It can offer you a set of tools for generating and tracking leads through different sources, verify the data automatically, and nurture every prospect until it turns into a sales-ready customer. This BPM system is designed to thoroughly qualify each lead and show the agents the most profitable ones, so that they could focus on them in the first place. Having implemented analytical tools of bpm’online, sales reps can approach their prospects in the best way possible. They can also use different pieces of information, such asthe amount of new leads, their quality, conversion rate, and other analytical data. All this will help you make more qualified opportunities.

Marketing. Along with the 360-degree customer view, the user-friendly client base, and the multifunctional system designer, this BPM finance platform possesses a set of tools for email marketing and event management. For instance, the software allows companies to create successful email campaigns, track their performance, personalize messages, and so on. It is the best way to get maximum results from this form of communication. Besides, the business process management system of bpm’online helps organizations plan and manage promotions, conferences, webinars and other events. The platform lets you track the dates, segment the audience, prepare the budget, and perform a variety of other arrangements. Your clients will see how sound and organized your team is, and you will obtain a lot of new leads and opportunities.

Benefits of BPM Finance Solutions

A number of banks and other financial organizations decide on business process management software in order to automate and control the following processes:

  • Receipt of purchase requests;
  • Orders management;
  • Receipt of expense claims;
  • Adoption of the budget;
  • Supplier adjustment;
  • Management of loan requests, etc.

BPM Finance: The Smart Decision For Monetary Companies

The automation of the company’s daily workflows is not the only advantage of such platforms. All in all, BPM solutions for financial organizations have the following benefits:

  • They contribute to the reduction in administrative costs;
  • The platforms of the kind shorten the turn-around-time for financial tasks;
  • The solutions like bpm’online guarantee constant cash flows;
  • They help you reduce management supervision on employees;
  • Besides, BPM software ensures compliance of the company’s performance with the existing regulatory requirements.

Implementation of BPM Finance Software

In order to make the most out of the chosen solution, try to implement it correctly, avoiding common mistakes and problems. Specialists advise companies follow the given strategies:

Analyze your workflows, think about what you need to change, and visualize the new system.

At this stage, the members of your team should ask themselves, what problems they are going to solve and how. It is very important to set the goals and choose the methods of their achievement. Look through your business process components, detect their key objectives, and define the rules governing each workflow. Think about the benefits you are going to get and compare them to the factual data regarding your company.

BPM Finance: The Smart Decision For Monetary Companies

Focus on the program management.

Make sure that you have the project plan, the adequate human resources for its delivery, and a suitable environment for its installation, integration, and development. Think about the way your new BPM platform will take part in communication with clients. Motivate your team to succeed in this process: teach them to use the new solution, give them the opportunities to develop and grow, choose someone who will be responsible for the work, and so on.

Train your employees and help them develop their skills regarding the use of the BPM system.

Here, at the final stage of software implementation, try to pay a special attention to the performance of each of your agents. The success of the new platform depends to a great extent on the staff, and it is up to you to notice the specialists’ mistakes and help them improve.

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