Breast Augmentation Do’s and Don’ts

Women have developed a penchant for performing an augmentation of their breasts.  It tends to be an individual choice rather than a societal norm. The process of augmentation involves procedures dealing with cosmetics. It is important to note that exhaustive consultation needs to be done before the breast augmentation process commences. One of the most sought-after and experienced surgeons are those at the Plastic Surgery Group in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Breast augmentation, which can also be referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure that involves revitalizing the shape and size of breasts. The augmentation can be broken down into lifts, reductions, enhancement or complete reconstruction of the breasts.

In the previous year alone, a population of over 300, 000 women opted to have the augmentation procedure. This made the practice the most common form of plastic surgery in America. The practice is revered as one with ratings highly approved amongst all plastic surgery procedures. Such success stories have made over 90% of women on whom the process has been performed be overwhelmingly impressed with the results and would recommend the practice to other women in a heartbeat.


Educate yourself

The most basic step when considering breast augmentation is to educate yourself. In this regard, women should gather as much information and knowledge about the procedure as possible. Such information can be obtained from experienced breast augmentation surgeons with the guarantee of minimum flawlessness about the practice. On such grounds, women are in a position to make informed decisions on whether to proceed with the procedure or halt.

Among the key things women should gather information on are; the different placements of the breasts implants, the various types of implants used in breast augmentation and the different incisions that can be performed for different breast augmentation procedures.

Having obtained adequate knowledge on breast augmentation, women will be at no pains exercising prudence in asking questions when they choose to have the augmentation done and make proper inquiries on various aspects of breast augmentation, which still remain unclear. The women also enjoy a great advantage of settling on the most experienced plastic surgeon by merely being adequately informed on the matter.

Choose an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

It is significant to choose a high quality and experienced plastic surgeon to perform the procedure for the reason that the practice has become very common. Inexperienced surgeons may use it as a cash-cow at the peril of women who choose to embrace the procedure. As such, choosing a surgeon with flawless reputation and who have performed numerous augmentations successfully will minimize occasions of risks and complications to the patients.

The surgeon should be in a position to provide a breakdown of the steps of the surgery and also list the substances and/or activities that should be avoided prior to the breast augmentation surgery.


Lack of Budget

An aspect that should be avoided at all costs is settling on a surgeon based on the cost of the surgery. To avoid a compromise on the services of the surgeon, the cost of the breast augmentation should be the last thing to be put into consideration. A quality surgeon will establish a financing scheme for you such that the entire cost of the augmentation is as affordable as possible.

Upon successful completion of the augmentation process, women can enjoy a boost in self-confidence, have the contours she has always wanted and take pride in her new appearance. When following all the requirements surgery and recovery should go smoothly.

Dr. Gregory H. Croll is the owner of his own practice, and the leading doctor for breast augmentation in Columbia, MO.

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