Busting Meat Safety Myths

Busting Meat Safety Myths

While meat is a staple article of the diet for a very large number of people, fact remains that it is easily spoiled, and spoiled meet can create complications which can be life threatening. While much of the caution surrounding the sale and consumption of meat is justified, some of it can be classified as a myth. With more and more consumers buying raw meat online, rather than heading to the butchers, it has become increasingly important that we separate facts from myths when it comes to meat safety

Defrosted meat cannot be re-frozen

One of the most common myths related to meat safety, this myth has been found to be baseless by years of research. Contrary to popular belief, you can safely re-freeze meat within two hours of taking it out of the refrigerator. This does not bring about any deterioration, but it may bring about a change in the texture of the meat.

Meat that changes colour has gone bad

The colour, texture and odour of meat are indicators of its quality, and it is normal to feel apprehensive about cooking meat, which has changed colour. It is, however, important to understand that change of colour is a natural change, and does not affect the quality of meat in any way. When buying meat, it is important to look out for foul odours or sliminess, which are the primary indications of spoilt meats. At Licious, we take the uncertainty out of online meat ordering by delivering fresh meat everytime!

Rare meat is unsafe

Every lover of sushi or a rare juicy steak hopes to be reassured that raw or undercooked meat is safe for consumption. Research has proven that undercooked and uncooked meat is safe for consumption as long as cleanliness is maintained in the kitchen where it is being prepared, and the utensils used to handle it are kept scrupulously clean.

To make meat safe, it is important to rinse off the juices

Washing meat, poultry or fish does not make it any safer for consumption. On the contrary, rinsing meat and poultry splash the juices and any bacteria they may contain on the kitchen counter and sink, increasing chances of food poisoning. The best way to ensure that the meat is safe for consumption is to cook it to the right temperature.

The only way to be perfectly sure of the quality and safety of the meat you are consuming is to buy it from a reliable source. Licious is an online meat shop which takes pride in supplying only the freshest meat, poultry and fish to its customers. Order conveniently online and Licious ensures that the choicest cuts are carefully packed and transported properly frozen to your doorstep. From speciallycut meat to cold cuts and marinated treats, we offer a range of products, which are sure to be everything a meat lover’s heart desires for. You now seamlessly order meat online with Licious. Choose from a varied range of cut meat and marinated meat to cook a delicious meal.

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