Can A Beautiful Garden Add Value To Your Property?

Can A Beautiful Garden Add Value To Your Property?

Outdoor space is very important to many people, which is why flats without gardens are always less popular than homes with gardens or backyards. We all like to sit outdoors on a lovely summer’s day. A balcony offers a small amount of space to soak up the sun, but it isn’t half as nice as a back garden with trees, grass and flowers. But does a well-maintained, attractive garden really make that much difference to the selling price of a house?

Modern Low Maintenance Gardens

Being perpetually busy is a curse of modern life. Many people work incredibly long hours and then have to fit in family time to their packed schedules. There is barely enough time to visit the gym and socialise with friends, so gardening is unlikely to figure all that highly on the ‘to-do’ list. For this reason, a garden with Grono artificial grass will be a major selling point for young families and couples.

Low maintenance gardens are very popular with people in this category. They don’t want the hassle of mowing the lawn every weekend or weeding the borders, but they do want a garden they can entertain in and enjoy sitting outside in when the weather is nice. A contemporary garden with paving, decking, gravel, synthetic grass and any other low maintenance feature is likely to be very attractive to this type of buyer, so they will be more willing to pay a premium for a property with such a garden.

An Attractive Selling Point

Sellers don’t always put much effort into dressing a garden when they put their home on the market. They understand the benefit of tidying up indoors and painting the walls, but they tend to forget about the garden. The trouble is that buyers take just as much notice of the outdoor space as they do of what the property is like inside. If you put a reasonable amount of time and effort into creating an attractive garden, you will maximise your selling price and increase the number of people interested in your property.

Tidy Up the Garden

There are lots of things you can do to add extra appeal to a tired looking garden. Simple things such as cutting the lawn, trimming hedges and tidying up the flower beds will make a huge difference, but if the lawn is beyond help, consider stripping it out and replacing it with some new turf.

Bedding plants are a quick and easy way to add colour to a garden in the summer. You can buy bedding plants for very little from your local garden centre. Plant as many as you can in the borders, in planters, and in hanging baskets. This will provide instant colour and make the space more attractive.

Some gardens are beyond help and if this sounds like your outdoor space, there will be a limit to what you can do. However, no matter how bad the garden is, do make some effort to cut the weeds back and trim any overgrown foliage, as an overgrown garden looks a lot smaller than it really is.

Put some time and effort into your garden and your house will be worth more as a result.

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