Car Detailing – 5 Factors That Make The Difference

Car Detailing – 5 Factors That Make The Difference

When it comes to your car, choosing the best detailer is the right decision. It is one the biggest purchases of your life and so taking prompt care should be the top priority. However, in such a competitive market, there are innumerable service providers offering good car detailing services, but the pricing, technique, equipment, and inclusions may vary. Deciding on one service provider among so many might become a dilemma. Mentioned below are a few factors that define how you must choose a car detailing service.

Look for Professionals

Before hiring a service provider, enquire about the experience of their technicians. Often detailers who work at home garages don’t have the necessary equipment and techniques. Also, they are not associated with registered companies.

Experienced service providers have technicians who know how to handle the tools to ensure a good service. You can also look for detailers who provide doorstep services.

Time commitment

A standard detailing procedure takes around four to five hours. A competent detailer should take no longer than six to seven hours, but at the same time, if they agree to deliver it in an hour, do not consider them a credible source. Getting the same quality of work in a short time-span is simply not possible.

Inquire about the tools

Every professional detailer uses professional tools to attain perfection. For example, you should ask them about the buffer they use; no professional ever uses a high-speed buffer. So, look for the various tools that they use and then decide on the detailer accordingly.


Price shopping is quite normal; everyone wants good deals at the cheapest price. But, often service providers who offer significantly lower rates compared to other detailers might not offer satisfactory services. Look for a comparatively cheaper deal, but at the same time, it is crucial to ensure that there is no compromise with the quality of work.


Thanks to digitalization, now customers have the power to share their feedback online. With any business, reviews are always helpful. Look up the various portals to check the reviews; you should not expect perfection but a fairly above-average review is good enough. If every review carries a five-star you may want to switch to another service provider.

While you are at it, you can also consider getting the parts of your car serviced like the wiper blades or the windshield. If you haven’t changed the car battery for more than 4 years, it is time to spend an Exide car battery price on a replacement.

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