Granite Benchtops

Caring in The Right Way for Your Granite Benchtops!

Several homeowners prefer to have granite for their kitchen countertops because they do not damage easily. Be it the kitchen oils, hot liquids or any sharp cutlery, nothing affects this stone easily as it is resistant to scratches, kitchen grime, and even natural or artificial food coloring.  The best part of the granite benchtops is that there is no need to invest a lot of time and patience in cleaning them. A daily or weekly plan can save you the efforts of major cleaning or replacements. In fact, regular maintenance can help you preserve the charm of your benchtops. 

Here are some Granite benchtops care tips for you to check out:

  • The benchtop manufacturers would often place a sealer before the installation and to maintain the strength, you will have to reseal them as much as possible. If regular resealing is not possible, you should get it done at least twice a year.
  • Definitely, the granite benchtops are heat resistant. However, that does not mean that you can abuse the countertop the way you want. Accidentally placing the hot pan on the countertop is one thing. But, you should try to avoid this and instead use hot pads to protect the benchtop.
  • Every time you spill something like a wine or any liquid other than the water, you should wipe it immediately. It is because there are certain agents that would begin to react with the stone. While it does not begin reacting right away but, keeping it for a longer time can affect the stone.
  • Do not try performing any stunts on the granite benchtops. Attempting to stand or sit on the benchtop can put pressure on its setting and can damage the structure of the benchtop. So, while the stone is efficient to hold your weight, it is the design that you should not mess with.
  • Certainly, the stone is strong, but it is not the chopping board. Do not cut vegetables, fruits or anything else on the granite benchtops. It can damage the shiny surface of countertop and put ugly marks on it. Hence, to maintain the look of the benchtop, you should use the cutting or chopping board at all times.
  • Always clean the granite benchtops at the end of the day. No matter how tired you are, it will not take much time to wipe the top clean with a damp cloth. One wipe is all it takes to maintain the countertop clean. This is to ensure that if there is any grime or spots from spills that were not cleaned earlier are cleared at the end.
  • You can use cleaners once in a while to clean your benchtops. However, you don’t need to buy the expensive ones as a regular, mild soap or detergent is more than enough to clean the top properly because they are harmless.
  • Invest in good cloths and table wipes to clean your benchtops. In fact, you will find cleaning accessories that are specifically crafted for certain stone benchtops. However, there is no need to go over the top in caring for the granite countertops.
  • Keep your cleaning plan simple but regular. Missing on the care routine can take a toll on the look of the countertop. Hence, it is better to assign days for cleaning the countertop elaborately.
Granite Benchtops
Granite Benchtops

These simple procedures will help you maintain the look and strength of your countertop for a longer period. However, if you are investing in cheap benchtops for your kitchen, then it is not at all a right decision as cheaper is not always better. You should always invest in a good quality benchtop as this will last long if cared well.

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