Celebrate New Year In Style

New Year is a new beginning and thus should be celebrated with much fun and joy. It is the time of the year when you along with your loved ones have a jolly time. New Year celebrations are usually done in the form of parties and fun get-togethers. It is the time to binge on food and drinks and dance your way into the new year with new hope.

The capital city hosts various parties to welcome the new year. Here is a list of the hottest New Year Parties in Delhi –

Jungle Jamboree –

This is a unique jungle themed restaurant in the capital city. It is India’s first restaurant to offer a 7 course table buffet in a forest and aqua themed ambiance. The place offers some delicious food of different cuisines. It is well known for the special dishes prepared especially for the New Year’s Eve. Enjoy a nice party in this cozy forest like place with your family and friends.

A State of Music – Asom –

This is one perfect place for music lovers. The venue consists of an energetic crowd partying away the old year and welcoming the new one. The place also has a bar, night club, great food and a lively atmosphere. This is one place that the youngsters of Delhi should be on a New Year’s Eve.

The Park –

This is a place where the elite groups of Delhi party on the New Year’s Eve. The place is a luxurious five-star hotel which takes pride in having some of the best restaurants of the city. The food is just awesome and on the day of the new year celebrations, this place just turns in to a party hub. If you want to ring in the new year in an elegant way, be here.

The Taj –

This is a legendary place suitable for the upper class crowd. The posh hotel offers the best facilities that you can think of. Partying here is an entirely different experience. The restaurants serve the most delicious meals that you have ever eaten. their new year’s celebrations are exquisitely popular because of all the pomp and grandeur in which it is celebrated. If you are willing to spend like a king, then this is the place for you.

Kitty Su –

Given the title of the best club in Delhi by many admirers, this place is a vibrant and dynamic zone where you must be present or you will be missing all the fun on the New Year’s Eve. the club had offered to its guests a special menu on the New Year’s Eve. It was complimented with beats playing all night long. Book your table today so that you and your friends can drink, eat and dance amidst the best crowd of the capital city.

This year, take your new year celebrations to a whole new level by attending one of these parties. be a part of a mind blowing parties organized in the various hotels and clubs of Delhi and Have a blast.

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