The E-commerce market is soaring. As more and more customers turn to online services and apps, the online retail numbers are rising drastically. To keep up with the rest of the world, it is important to know the trends in Ecommerce and how they are changing. Today, there is no harm in shopping online or booking tickets or even banking. It is as safe and as risky as real-time walk-in services. In fact, the online stores and sites provide a guarantee of products and services and have a different complain-forum for all kinds of complaints. The world is getting smarter day by day, and thus there is a change in these trends. Nothing is static. It is, in fact, moving at a very fast pace- so fast that it’s almost impossible to cope up. But don’t worry; we bring you an overview on some of the changing trend of today.

  1. Online Shopping

People prefer to shop online these days. It is not only comfortable but is also pocket-friendly and saves a lot of time. All kinds of products are available at one place. There are apps which even let you compare the prices and then choose whatever suits you the best. There are no hard and fast rules for shopping online. Apps like the TATA unistore app– Tata CliQ app- are large platforms which provide all items and products at discounted prices. Besides clothes and electronics, there are apps for groceries and dairy and even cut fruits and vegetables. Online shopping, therefore, has increased by almost 45% this year.

  1. Cash On Delivery

While shopping online, there is always a slight possibility of the order getting lost in between. Thus, the online stores provide different payment modes and allow you to choose as per your wish. Cash on delivery is the most preferred method of payment. It is very convenient and lets you be satisfied and not worry about your money being wasted.

  1. Mobiles over Laptops

You can survive without a laptop but not without a mobile phone in your hand. As the mobiles are getting smarter, there is a decline in the need for a laptop all the time. Mobiles are convenient, easy-to-carry, lightweight, and have almost all the features of a laptop. There is a reason for calling them smartphones, isn’t it.

  1. Discounts

The prices are already discounted. In addition to the wholesale prices, some sites offer an additional 10-20% discount on selected articles. This is one of the major reasons for the growth of online retails. The pocket-friendly prices offered online are very tempting.

  1. Same Day Delivery

The latest promising trend is for same day delivery. The online stores deliver your product within 24 hours. One of the first stores to adopt this policy was Amazon. It makes our work way simpler and is the best last-minute option.

The world is moving forward. Things are changing in our favor. In a world like today, where nobody has time to spare, we can expect more of these trends. Shop online at Tata CLiQ and explore the world of ecommerce.

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