Chimney Masonry Repairs

Chimney Masonry Repairs

Ventilation is the key to better air quality within any household, there are multiple types of ventilating equipments available and out of them, one is chimney. This ventilating equipment is designed to collect and discard the smoke or fuel gases out of the household through a channel. The predominant use of chimneys is in kitchens, where the smoke from the burning stove is thrown out with its help. Secondly,it is also used in cold regions where the use of fireplaces inside the houses are quite common. In cities like Chicago, the climate is usually very cold and people make use of the fireplaces and therefore chimneys are quite important there.

Types of Chimney Repair

Chimneys are generally, the most vulnerable part of any household, especially in the colder areas. As the main element of chimneys are outside of the household, there are more chances of the chimney to get damaged due to withering climate. It is very essential to get a chimney crown repaired at regular intervals, to maintain the long life of the chimney. Secondly, if you are an avid user of the fireplace or you have elderly individuals in your house, then getting the chimney crown repaired is very beneficial. Mentioned below are some major types of chimney and masonry repairs: –

Chimney Crown Repair

Crowns can get withered and damaged with time and constant wear and tear. The chimney crown repair makes use of a crown which functions by driving away the water, that destroys the brickwork. This helps in decreasing the amount of wear and tear which will eventually increase the life of the chimney. It is believed that water is the main source of breakage of the chimney and chimney crown repair works exactly against it and therefore, it is really important.

Tuckpointing For Chimney Repair

A strong masonry is important for maintaining the strength of the chimney. The process of tuckpointing functions through removal of the old and damaged mortar, and then replacing it with a fresh one. This is one of the majorly used type of masonry repair and is widespread in almost every part of the world making use of chimneys. It seems to be a bit simpler process but is extremely tough and time consuming task. But once done, will only add on to the aesthetic look of your chimney.

Firebox Chimney Repair

The last but another very effective kind of chimney repair in our list is the firebox repair. Firebox is an essential part of the chimney and needs proper care and attention. WIth proper measures and tools the firebox can be repaired and redone. Getting the firebox repaired will not only restore the look of the chimney but will also improve the lifespan of the chimney.

So, the bottom line of the blog is that there are many types of chimney repairs available in the market to restore the look of the chimney and to enhance its functions. Different types of chimney masonry repairs are mentioned in the above section of the blog.

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