Choose The Best Layout Of Your Garden For The Cold Season

Choose The Best Layout Of Your Garden For The Cold Season

Reshaping the garden layout is one of the most appealing hobbies for the cold season and especially for the early autumn. It is the moment when you can plant new seeds of some veggies and other edibles that can grow up throughout the entire wintertime. Whether you prefer to call the gardening professionals to take care about the layout of a big outdoor garden or you plan to do everything by yourself in a small home garden on the terrace – the choice of the new layout is very important. Next are few ideas to keep in mind.

Black & White layout: undoubtedly, it is the most classical choice when it comes to gardening in the wintertime. If you choose pots with white colors and dark soil – you can keep that beautiful contrast throughout the entire cold season. Moreover, keep in mind the imaginary scene after a heavy snowfall, which alters the contrasting atmosphere with an additional white highlight. This amazing layout can be used for making a wooden construction for indoor gardening as well. Another great tip is to make your own decorative basket for flowers by using black and white strings to form a unique B & W pattern. An outdoor patio should also be decorate with black and white objects to pop up the amazing contrasting layout after a snowfall.

Japanese-influenced layout: the key for a wonderful garden landscaping is to use round rocks, trees and branches with complex shapes, and to make a pond. It may sounds a little bit overwhelming even for a family job all along the weekend, but a careful organization is essential too. Sketch a blueprint of the decorative pond and note the arrangement of the stones, the shape of the pond with all the required dimensions, which exactly types of seeds you will plant, where, etc. The watering system should also be included and, of course, the location of the decorative pond plays the greatest role when determining all the smaller details. If you make it outdoors – keep in mind that the water may freeze in the coldest winter days and so it can create amazing sculptures of ice. A decorative pond in an indoor garden, whether it is in the living room or in a greenhouse, may require a much different layout. The right choice of the seeds is another important thing, because the lower air temperature requires more resistant and high quality seeds.

Choose The Best Layout Of Your Garden For The Cold Season

Clean and simple layout: what better way to prepare your outdoor garden for the wintertime, than keeping only a minimal amount of plants! Start trimming and hedging from the very beginning of the autumn, which will give you plenty of time to reshape the layout and prepare your garden for the earliest winter frosts. Grass cutting will leave more free space on the ground, while reducing the clearance of the tree leaves is perfect for a quick garden clean up. Reduce the clearance between the plants on the ground, and then, collect all bigger particles on the lawn and on the soil such as rocks, fallen leaves or branches. Use different types of rakes to facilitate the task and to make an evenly clean and simple layout.

A modular indoor layout: gardening in modules is a common method to save horizontal space by arranging the modules in a vertical orientation. It is also a quick and easy layout to make, which requires shelves with a different length and pots as pillars to support the shelves. Then, take a pick of your favorite pots, baskets, plants and other items to decorate the modular layout.

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