Clever Adornments For Your Home

Clever Adornments For Your Home

If you want to spruce up your living space by enhancing its visual appeal, there are many décor pieces that can be added to certain areas of your home. Many of these pieces are simple and can be purchased without having to spend a lot of money. Here are a few clever adornments that will work great in your home setting.

Animal Figurines

Small sculptures that have been shaped to resemble certain animals can add some charm and personality to your living space. Wooden and metallic giraffe figurines will give your home some creative flare. Hand-painted blue and white porcelain owl sculptures work well in a variety of settings. If you want to give your interior a more classic look, try including some small white antique lion statues in different areas. Figurines featuring stacked farm or woodland animals can add a bit of humor to any room in your home.

Wall Tapestries

To give your home a more personal touch, you can have customized tapestries created to feature some of your favorite images. Scenes of nature or images of big cities that you like can be featured on your tapestries. You can also use family photos to create tapestries that put your loved ones on display. Customizing tapestries to feature unique designs or colorful patterns can be done as well. Once a tapestry has been made, it can be hung on a bedroom wall or displayed in one of your other rooms. If you’re worried about damaging your walls when hanging your tapestries, try attaching some clothes pins to your walls with adhesive strips so that you won’t have to hammer in any nails.

Centerpiece Baskets

Centerpiece baskets can make your home seem more inviting and are some of the easiest pieces to incorporate into interior design schemes. Traditional woven wood baskets can be placed on end tables and filled with faux flowers, painted pinecones or other attractive decorations. Centerpiece baskets made from solid wood work great in kitchens and can be filled with plastic fruit. Custom welded metal or colorfully beaded baskets are other options. Another clever idea is to buy Christmas gift baskets during the holiday season and display them around your home.

Decorative Cabinet Knobs

You can swap out your plain cabinet knobs for new decorative ones that will help transform the look of your living space. Ceramic knobs that are made to look like flowers can give your home a lighter, airier ambiance. If you want your interior to appear more classy, try adding some silver beaded knobs. Cast brass knobs with leaf designs often work well in vintage-themed homes. Knobs that are shaped to resemble anchors, dolphins and bear faces may also fit within your home’s décor theme.


Even if you never light candles, you can still display them in your home as attractive adornments. Vintage-cut candles in glass jars are great to display in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Candles placed in driftwood candleholders will likely give your home some rustic appeal. Pedestal candleholders that are draped with floral arrangements are especially good for special occasions. There are also candles that have been decorated with images of seashells, peacocks and other shapes and objects that may work well in your home.


Tassels are not just for graduation caps; they also make great home décor pieces. Silk and cotton tassels often come in colors like red, blue and teal and can be hung from the cabinet and door knobs. Decorative tassels can also be placed on the ends of curtain strings to make your window dressings even more stunning. In addition to traditional fringe tassels, some options are made in ball shapes that can be added to certain areas of your home.

Including these adornments in your interior design theme can make your home an even more desirable setting for you, your family and your guests. Many of these pieces can give your home additional touches of warmth, elegance, and personality.

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