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Commercial Shelving: Dos and Dont’s

Shelves are primarily required for the purpose of storing equipment and raw materials in large kitchens. Depending upon your needs and requirements, you can find shelves in a variety of different sizes and dimensions. If you require a different kind of shelf to suit your particular business needs, then you can even get one customized for your restaurant. However, opting to buy or get a commercial shelf customized, there are a couple of things which you must take note of. This post will help you understand these basic dos’ and dont’s of commercial shelving.

Shelves have become an important part of almost each and every catering business. No matter what kind of catering business you might be having, shelves are required for a variety of different purposes. It is because of this that commercial shelving has become a growing business these days. Let us see some of the things which you should follow while opting for shelves for your particular restaurant or catering business.

  • Plan and get a Clear Idea

Before you jump to pick up a shelf which you think is the best, it will be a good idea first to get an idea of what your requirements are. This will help you in getting a clear picture of how many shelves you need and what kind of shelves you need. Dimensions of shelves and the number of tiers it has plays a significant role. While carrying out this small exercise, also keep in mind that you might need some additional shelves in case if your business undergoes expansion.

  • Keep it Sorted

This is going to be a major challenge when setting up shelves in your kitchen. If you have the luxury of space, make sure you have different shelves for storing equipment and raw materials. However, if you are running short of space, make sure that you at least dedicate different racks for different purposes, and you label them properly. Keep the shelves well organized, neat and tidy at all times.

  • Weight and Height Issues

Make sure the shelves you are buying and setting up can bear the weight of the equipment or other things that you plan to keep on these shelves. Also, make sure you are clear what you are going to use each shelve for before buying. If the height difference is too huge between the two shelves, it may cause inaccessibility, especially in the two shelves. Similarly, if it is small, it may cause problems in storing and accessing the items kept on the shelf.

  • Placement of Shelves

It is very important the placement of the shelves is apt to make it easier for chefs and others working in the kitchen to access what they need at the time of cooking. Use wall spaces smartly to store the shelves. If there are multiple cuisines being prepared with different spaces for each cuisine, you can set up shelves in between these two spaces so that more than one chef can get access to one shelf.

Be clear about the purpose for which you require shelves as only then will it be of any use to you. Else it will just be another dumping ground which will be of no utility to you. Keep these tips in mind and make best use of shelves in your kitchen.

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