Contrary To What A Lot Of People Perceive, Children May Suffer From A Hernia Too

It might seem almost impossible for children to suffer from a hernia. This is a condition usually associated with older men. However, there are some recorded cases of children suffering from a hernia. Inguinal hernia is most common among children. It happens when the intra-abdominal structure protrudes due to a defect in the abdominal wall. There are cases in which hernias start at birth or are considered congenital. Some others develop over time. Children may also suffer from other types of hernia that are less common such as epigastric and incisional ones.

A Sensitive Condition

Children are not as tough as adults in dealing with this type of problem. It is important that they are given the right treatment immediately. Pediatricians are now trained to deal with this type of problem. They must be able to provide optimal care to patients suffering from this condition. The sad truth is that a hernia can be life-threatening to children. It can pose greater danger than when it happens to adults. They may also pose risks to the other organs of the child. There have also been recorded cases in which this condition led to death.

In the United States, for instance, there are reported incidences of hernias in children ranging from 1% to 5%. Premature infants are also at greater risk. Just like in adults, boys are also at greater risk than girls. Boys who have started developing this problem at a young age may have a greater chance of suffering from more complications at a later stage in life. Almost the same statistics applies to other parts of the world. It may also happen regardless of one’s race.

Difficult to Diagnose

The reason why some hernia cases among children lead to complication is because many parents don’t think it could happen to their child. They might think of other problems. Babies suffering from this condition cry a lot, especially during the night. They also feel a bit sensitive when touched on the affected area. Swelling might also start to show as the problem worsens. Therefore, instead of dealing with this problem on your own, it is best if you consult a medical expert right away.

Seeking Help

The good thing is that when you live in London, this is not an issue. There are a lot of hernia experts who can help solve the problem. If you are worried about your child undergoing a major surgery at such a young age, then you just have to check out laparoscopic surgery London. This type of surgery allows a very small incision to solve the problem. Your child will immediately recover since this is a minimally invasive procedure. You just have to ask your child’s doctor about the best solution and go through the process right away. Take note that if it is not treated immediately, it could lead to fatal complications. If you need more information about hernia and laparoscopic surgery, then check out

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