Cost Cutting Tips For Your Kitchen Redesign

Kitchen is the hub of your home. Everyone dreams of having kitchens that are displayed in those glamorous magazines – they are spacious, comfortable and breathtakingly gorgeous. However, they are outrageously expensive as well, especially if your dining room is also a part of your kitchen.

Many homeowners get inspired from restaurants when it comes to designing. However, not everyone can afford such expensive designs though, so they prefer to go for affordable options to redesign their kitchens in order to give it a new appearance and fresh atmosphere. Remodeling your kitchen is a great way to upgrade your home and add to its value. Nevertheless, it can still get overly expensive if the costs are not administered properly. Costs climb up the mountain quickly, without you realizing it until it is too late.

So if you are on a budget and looking for ideas, then continue reading this piece:

  • Save on the Cabinets

Cabinets happen to be one of the most expensive items contributing to the cost. It is advisable that you reuse your existing cabinets if they are in good condition and get them resurfaced. Discoloring or scratches on your cabinets can be easily remedied. A little polishing and painting can make it look almost as good as new, requiring minimal expense.

If your current cabinets do not seem salvageable to you, then you are left with no alternative, other than to replace it. Even so, you can cut costs. Going for ready-made cabinets which come with do-it-yourself installation can cut your cost considerably. These cabinets are also available readily, without you having to wait for them to order and deliver.

  • Go for Open Shelving

Open shelves to display dishes or spices can be installed to create space in a small kitchen. You can also add shelves making use of the recessed space inside the walls.

Buying cheap material from a nearby hardware store like salvaged wood can be used to make open shelves. This is an optimal solution if you want to make your kitchen seem spacious as well as save money which would otherwise be used to buy fitted cabinets.

  • Capture Natural Light

Who doesn’t love a bright kitchen? Natural light brightens the room as well as makes it look spacious. Instead of making plenty of holes on the ceilings and walls, and adding the expense of wiring and buying fancy lights, you can save on all this extra expenditure if you track natural light. Huge windows and light tubes can help with capturing natural light. This will also cut down on your long-term expense as you will be saving on electricity.

  • Keep an Eye for Value Added and Cheap Deals

A salvage store or recycling store offers appliances such as fridge, oven, faucets etc. at almost half the original price. You need to simply be smart with what you buy.

Many online websites come up with special discounted deals on special occasions. Making use of them will save you a lot of money. You just need to be very vigilant and look out for these valuable deals.

  • Cover up, Paint or Replace the Countertop

Hate your countertop? No worries, we have some easy solutions.

Replacing a countertop is not cheap. You can simply paint your countertop in your favorite color which also compliments your kitchen style. This is extremely cost effective and not at all tricky to do.

If you can pinch some extra money, then you can even replace your countertop within a budget. Laminate countertops and recyclable countertops from salvage stores are relatively inexpensive alternatives to replace your countertop.

These tips when redesigning your kitchen can be quite handy and easy on your pocket. Even so, if you require extensive redesigning, then it is advisable that you redesign in stages instead of doing it at one time. Prioritize what you need to get done first and what can be done later.

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