Delos Yancey – The Man Who Made it

Delos Yancey – The Man Who Made it

Secret of successful leadership is in making people believe in you. It is when they dream your dream, when they visualize your vision and when they think your thought, you become the true leader. It is important that you become a leader and not a boss. A boss makes decision for others. A leader makes others make a decision for the favor of the company.

This is what Delos Yancey follows. Under his leadership State Mutual Insurance has grown into a large company. It had started with the vision of helping others. With passing time the vision has not changed even though the company has grown into an insurance giant.

Team building is a part of job that Delos Yancey has done well. The team he has created works for the company. This has been the reward the CEO has got for his open mind and encouragement for free thinking. Here on the floor of State Mutual Insurance Company, no one is restricted from thinking free. Everyone is in fact encouraged to express their vision. Though the CEO holds the right to make any decision, the employees take part in the decision making process. Not a single decision is made behind the door. Such work environment paves way for personal growth and work satisfaction.

It’s All About Helping Others

Hasty lifestyle has robbed people off a lot of things. Health is one of them. Everyone in their hurry to achieve something forget that their health is important. They also forget that they need to take care of themselves. When you are young and healthy, you can afford to ignore your health. But, what will happen when you will grow old? What will happen when you will loss health? What will happen if you meet a sudden accident?

These are the reasons, medical insurance is so important. Yet, there are people who ignore that too. Delos Yancey has noticed this. He has created his company to help people get the right treatment. He has designed his policies in a way so that everyone gets to take advantage of that.

There are more than 11 policies available for people. Everyone will get something which takes care of their medical requirement. In addition, these policies are easy to get too. Those who are busy and cannot visit the office will be able to get the policies through online application. All they have to do is send the application. The approval process does not take much time either.

This is the reason people trust this company and get their health insurance through this company only. Added to this, Delos Yancey has created his company with the help of the government. All his policies are approved by the government. These policies have helped many people get their required treatment.

When you are insuring your health, you need to see whether the policy is covering everything that you need. Most make the mistake of getting a policy that does not cover some important areas. State Mutual Insurance Company offer 24/7 customer services which will help you make the right choice in finding the healthcare insurance that is just for you.

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