DIY Home Décor Ideas To Adopt During Summer Vacations

DIY Home Décor Ideas To Adopt During Summer Vacations

Everybody appreciates the way a house is decorated both inside out, especially the ones we see on televisions; but we also know that those creations have cost more than thousand dollars to be represented. Although, all of us would love to see our house or at least a section or a room look the best if it were for free. But you know Home Décor is as easy and as difficult as you can take it to, because for both the purpose to attain you need creativity, not money all the times. You can put to use the waste stuff and craft items of yours to create your happy space. You don’t need the graduation degree to be your creative self as the ideas we have shared in this article might cost you a few pennies but won’t demand you to be an expert; after all, we learn from our mistakes. We suggest you should start saving some money and give your creativity and hobby a shape this summer vacations by making your house a DIY Décor home. You can even buy a few items during sale or discount period. Little things turn a house into a home apart from love and family.

DIY Home Décor Ideas Worth Giving A Try During the Summer Breaks: –

Pillow Pocket:

There is a better way to keep the remote controls or clickers within reach, better than keeping it on the table which most of us forget. Cut out a jeans pocket from men’s jeans as size matters. Without sewing it, use fusible webbing to get it stuck on the removable pillow cover. Iron the layers appropriately and put the cover back on the pillow. You have your DIY Pillow cover ready.

Wine Cork Necklace Rack:

Has your kitchen been stocking up wine corks, and then we have a better way other than throwing them up. Get them coloured in just one colour starting from a dark shade to a lighter one, for example, dark red to blood red to a dark shade of pink. Stick them with glue on a wooden plank and colour the plank with a shade that goes with that of the corks, now hang in your necklaces, pendants on them. If the wooden plank has a broad width, then you can use it to keep your other valuables, adding much grace to the DIY Necklace stand.

Drink Tags:

This one is very simple and quite cool. Summers mark their presence with the cool drinks you have or the drinks party you host. Next time you host, use a thick paper to cut into equal square pieces where you write your guest names. Spear the name cards into a wooden skewer and don’t forget to add a slice of lemon on top or beneath it. You can always choose decorative name cards as well or decorate it on your own.

Frame Shelf:

If you have wooden drawers at your home which are of no use, then get rid of the base, now use your old photo frames which have become outdated. Colour them with bright colours or a colour that matches your study room’s colour. Now place the frame on the wooden edges, attach it. Get it hanged on the wall and keep your cool things in it, your books and stationeries.

Wool Coasters:

Are you planning to throw your woollen sweaters which have worn out, then please don’t as there is a better way to use it. Wash it in hot water and dry it like you dry your jeans, repeat the process three times until you see it has become taut. Now use your geometry box or a glass to cut it in a circle. Make such sets so that you can keep mugs or glasses of a set on the woollen coaster of the same set.

Suitcase Table:

For people who place a table at the foot of the bed, you can add a different and unique look to your room by putting vintage suitcases on the simple tables instead. You can even just attach the foot to the bags and make it a whole new chair as well. They not just only give a classic look but store your blankets, bed sheets, pillow covers etc.

Personalized Handwritten Canvas:

To give your home a customized taste you can buy a white canvas and write your favourite song’s lyrics on it, or quotes you like or related to in a different writing style. Hang it on a dull wall to give it an elegant and DIY look.

You can purchase the expensive items by applying coupons to grab it a good deal.


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