DIY Plumbing Or Hire A Professional – Time To Decide

Most of the time, we do our own plumbing, weekly or monthly. A clogged basin, a leaky pipe or installing a new shower head are very easy to deal with. It can be completed within an hour. However, you can get blank if you need to replace a toilet seat or clean the entire piping system of your house. All these areas require plumbing skills and only a licensed plumber can help you out.

DIY vs hiring a professional plumber

Trained plumbers charge as per the hours. You should remember that labor cost is more than what you pay for the materials. This is because, if properly done, it can last for a longer period of time. You may feel that you can manage small leaks at home from time to time.

However, you might be missing out on the bigger problems. The small leak or damage may be a sign of a huge mishap inside your pipes. It may not give problems now, but it can become big in the near future. This is where a professional plumber comes to your rescue. They can solve it in a minute’s time and can also show you how to maintain it.

Additionally, most of the plumbers can give you discounts, at a certain time of the year. You can land up on a great deal. Sometimes, these plumbers can bring pipes and other materials required for the project. They are usually aware of the market price and hence the jetting pipes cost can come down.

Projects you can work upon

Installing a new faucet

Installing a new faucet or a fancy faucet is very easy. Turn off the hot and cold water valves, remove the old faucet by turning off the knob, and install the new one. It is not very tough and you can get it done within few minutes. However, make sure that the new faucet has got the same connection.

Replacing the water hose of a washing machine

It can be easily done, if you follow the manual user guide. You need to switch off the washing machine. Loosen the valves of the old pipes and attach as per the instructions. Take your time and do it perfectly.

Professional projects

Shutting water flow

Sometimes you cannot shut down the water flow, and there are sometime you may notice that water droplets dripping the entire day. In this condition, it is suggested that you contact a plumber. This is because it may seem to be a small problem, but it could be disrupting the water channel.

Pump repair

This is the most common type of problem every household experiences. This mainly happens when there is difference in the air and the water pressure in the tank or with the pump. Most of the time it is valve or height related problems and cannot be understood by us. It is recommended that you call a plumber to get better solutions.


A professional plumber is a trained and practiced one, with an official license for plumbing. Moreover, they have to pass plumbing exams in order to get the legal license. They have the right equipments and tools which is different for different types of projects.

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