Do You Know These 5 Do’s and 4 Don'ts Of Men's Fashion?

Do You Know These 5 Do’s and 4 Don’ts Of Men’s Fashion?

To work out what’s in and what’s not in men’s fashion is no easy feat. While women’s fashion has options galore, men’s fashion mostly consists of a few classic colors and perhaps some changes in the styles of buttons. Anything veering away from that would probably not be worn on an everyday basis by men anyway.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things that men night consider fashionable or acceptable when it comes to dressing up. For best results, the conventional ways should be followed while retaining your own personal identity.

Below is a list of do’s and don’ts that men should follow if they want to remain fashionably dressed at all important occasions:


  1. Colored Shirts Can Be Worn

While some men may think that only a blue, gray, white or black shirt is acceptable for formal occasions as well as workdays, trying a few colors out won’t hurt. They just shouldn’t be fluorescent ones or have large prints that offend the eye. Denim shirts are a nice combination of a different texture and can be worn casually. Plus, they are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Black Jeans Or Dress Pants

Depending on whether you are attending a formal or casual event, a pair of black jeans, trousers and dress pants are pretty much a wardrobe staple. They’re classy, comfy, and look perfect for just about any activity.

  1. Invest In Some Good Boots

Boots always look stylish and classy. However, you need to be sure to have some that aren’t worn to bits and keep your old pair for outdoor activities.

  1. A Well-Tailored Suit

Fitting is extremely important in a suit. Get your best suit altered if your weight loss or gain has made the fitting of your suit incompatible for you. The best option is to get one suit tailored especially for you, making sure it doesn’t bunch at your shoulders no matter what you do with your arms. Just one suit is enough for any super formal occasion.


  1. Badly Fitting Clothes

This is the first thing to avoid. While a baggy T-shirt may be comfortable to wear at home, it is not a good choice for the outdoors. Your apparels should neither be too big nor too small. Don’t fall for the skinny jeans on sale. They rarely look good on anyone.

  1. Cargo Shorts/Trousers

All these pockets never come in handy. The most you usually need are two. Plus, this super-baggy style doesn’t suit skinny, medium or large body types.

  1. Poncho

This loose cape-like appendage gives you the look of a stoner and doesn’t give either the warmth or casual style of a hoodie. You should save your poncho for times when you’re alone or with family at home.

  1. No Plunging Neckline

There shouldn’t be too many buttons left unfastened on your shirt. Similarly, when wearing a T-shirt, a plunging neckline is always a no-no. The crewneck will always be a classic and T-shirts also come with collars. If you do like the freedom of a V-neck, it shouldn’t go more than a couple of inches below your neck.

  1. Matching Belt And Shoes

This is the basic level of fashion. Keep the colors of the belt and shoes as close as possible.

Above all, simple, neat, and well-fitted is the way to go. Make sure you get a haircut that suits you, and not have excessive hair growth on the neck. Once you start following these tips, you would probably see and feel a change in your personality and in the way your peers receive you!

Author Bio:  Joseph Carey is a Fashion Design by passion and a Blogger by profession. He has multifaceted talents and also works as an academic writing assistant to provide reliable essay help in UK.

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