Donation For Breast Cancer Research Allows Le-Vel Brands Pile Up Their Services

Despite the huge efforts that have been put in order to increase the level of breast cancer awareness, the self examination method is poorly practices all around the globe. That has only led to one possible situation, more and more of such cases is being reported and peoples the suffering keeps increasing. According to the reports breast cancer has already taken a huge toll on the women and since the points of identification is not clear at large, most of them make it too late to go for diagnosis. There has been multiple cross sectional surveys which has been carried on where the socio demographic characteristics of breast cancer awareness has come up. Barely 50% of the population seems to be aware of it, and the reasons of having breast cancers are vaguely known by all.

National Breast Cancer Foundation has been working for years to come up with awareness programs and try to make the entire world know of the disease. Most of the women are ashamed to visiting the clinics for having a test of whether they have been any symptoms of breast cancer or not. Le-Vel Brands is a multi-functional chain marketing brand in the industry that has come up and stood by their side to help them go a long way in this venture. According to the Level Brands reviews there’s going to be an alarming rise number of invasive breast cancer cases in the years to come and that can be highly disastrous for the society.

Even they have been manufacturing and selling multiple health products like the THRIVE which helps the people to stay healthy. Of this long line of THRIVE products, Derma Fusion Technology or DFT products has similar approach of fighting the breast cancer. Since they could relate their motif with NBCF, they decided to come to some real help. They organized for a compelling promotional event of their DFT products where their founder members, Jason Camper and Paul Gravette decided to donate $5 on each of the products that they would sell.

It is really a proud moment for Le-Vel Brands to come up with a sales figure of 50,000 products in that particular event, and donate an amount of $250,000 to NBCF so that they could carry on with their research work and help the patients. Since Le-Vel Brands has named their line of products THRIVE, they hope that their additional service inspires the women to take the advantage and continue to thrive. According to Level Brands reviews,  the long line of THRIVE comprise of ultra-premium products which have been specifically designed to come up with solutions for those who fight with weight management problems, lean muscle, joint support issues, enabled cognitive performance, digestion and immunity support, and even offering mental and mood support and management.

Along with this they have taken the attempt of assisting few more helping their brand elevate to some new standards and bring them more popularity in the international standards. Passion, dedication and determination has always been the key of all the services that they have provided till date.

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