Don’t Be Too Fast To Discount Traditional Kids Entertainment As Boring Just Yet

It is very easy for parents these days that when thinking of various kids entertainment to immediately think about needing to use modern technology like Playstation or iPad and Xbox to keep the party fun. The fact is that not only is this not true, it is also even more important to place an emphasis on having traditional kids entertainment which were once very popular, so that they do not get forgotten forever. Here are a few examples of great traditional kids entertainment that are sure to make feel nostalgic.

  • Firefly catch race

One of the greatest pleasures to try out during the summer months is to capture fireflies and keep them in jars. This can be made in to a competitive form by asking children to capture as many fireflies as they can within a set amount of time to see who can capture the most bugs. All the children will need is a bug’s net that is big enough to capture as many fire flies as possible along with an empty jar in which to keep the bugs in once they are caught.

Even adults or other parents can join in the fun with their children here as they can also try to hunt for fireflies to catch. This activity has been known to unite both father and son and is a popular form of entertainment for girls as well.

  • Making funny shapes and designs with Cat’s cradle

Here’s a game that is really famous with little girls and boys. Cat’s Cradle and though the idea of making shapes and designs with your hands may sound like very traditional forms of kids entertainment, make no mistake about it there is still lots of fun to be had here! Not only can this game be lots of fun, it can actually bring a lot of benefits to children of developing ages too. This is because playing this game automatically requires the children participating to focus on the instructions given.

They are also improving their hand-eye coordination as they continue to try and make newer shapes and designs with their tiny little hands. Sure the game might be too hard for children especially those who are still very young but you could always have them make simple shapes and designs. The point is to let them have fun with this one of a kind traditional kids entertainment and you could also invite the adults to participate in the game with their children!

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