Drought Over The Past Years and How It Is Affecting Australia

The Australian government defines a drought as a lower level of rainfall over a period of three months and since the turn of the century, droughts have become a common occurrence across the nation. Global warming might have something to do with this, as global weather patterns shift and that results in a change of rainfall distribution.

Falling Precipitation Levels

Since the mid-nineties, the rainfall records show a steady decrease, with the worst droughts occurring from 2003-12, when many regions of the country experienced severe drought. The long term picture points to less precipitation and that is even more reason to consider a water reticulation system. There is affordable retic in Perth, with online suppliers who will design and install the ideal system that gives your land the right amount of water, at the right time.

Water Management

As the statistics show, water will become scarcer and therefore its management will be critical. If you have a large expanse of land that you wish to irrigate, you will be limited in the amount of water you can use, and with a bespoke design using the latest technology, you have a fit and forget irrigation system that is easily adjustable. It makes little sense to wait until you have no choice, and by installing a water retic system now, you will begin to save water almost immediately.

The Farming Community

Irrigation has always been a major issue for farmers, and with so much fertile land available, it can be a problem keeping it irrigated. If you had a spread in Western Australia, for example, and were looking for retic in Perth, a simple online search would reveal a company that specialises in automated systems for any environment.

The Homeowner

Using too much water is never a good idea, yet with a regular hosepipe or even buckets of water, you are using far more water than is necessary. The design of a water reticulation system would take into accounts the types and location of shrubs and flowers, and any shaded or covered areas, and the end result would be a fully automated system that irrigates the entire area.

Professional Installation

A water reticulation system is something that should never need replacing, and it is definitely not a job for an amateur. Fortunately, there are online companies that can design and install a state of the art irrigation system that is perfect for your garden. Bespoke solutions allow for complete coverage and fine adjustments mean using less water, and with professional advice, your new retic system will take care of that most boring of chores.

Most farmers already have an efficient irrigation system in place, with many using solar power, and this must have a positive effect on the amount of water we use as a nation. By changing our habits, we can play a significant role in water conservation, whether in a commercial or domestic capacity, and the future will look bright for everyone.

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