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Easy Steps To Install Colour Coated Sheet!

At a time, there were very limited options for roofing and most of us had to do with either cemented plain roofs or regular clay tiles. Others also plastered or use asbestos for their roofing needs. Now, the problem with these materials was that it often could not adjust with the weather conditions of a particular place. Most times, it would leak or the roof would rust due to the moisture etc. Another worse situation is how the heat intensifies due to these roofing materials.

Now, one of the modern solutions to these problems is the use of stainless steel designer sheets which are not only one of the best when it comes to roofing due to its endurance but also, because they provide an appeal as well. So, when you choose colour coated sheets for your roof, you are giving your house a new found appeal, the strength to withstand exposure to weather conditions as well as minimal upkeep.

A lot of us consider ourselves handy and would much rather like to save on the cost of roofing experts to install these colour coated sheets. So, we set out to install them but do not know exactly how to do it. Well, the answer is quite simple and there is a hassle free process that we are going to take you through here in this post.

Let us go through this process step by step:

Step 1- Measure the area to calculate the number of coloured metal sheets that will be required to cover the surface of the roof. Now, once you have bought the required quantity, the first step you will need to do is to prepare the area for the new roofing.

Easy Steps To Install Colour Coated Sheet!
First of all, remove all pieces of the older roofing from the area, this includes taking out and replacing any rotten wood as well re-plastering the walls leading up to the roof. Next, add roofing felt to the whole surface.

Step 2- Step 2 will be to calculate the number of actual sheets you will be using to avoid any shortage. Divide the actual area of the roof with the number of sheets being used and keep in mind that the sheets will have to overlap to keep the roofing secure.

Step 3- Once all the prep has been done, you have to remember to start at the corners. So, this means that you place the first metal sheet at the corner of the roof and start nailing in. You must also remember to nail adequately and nail in the valley next to the ridges into the wood shingles under the roofing to keep it secure.

Step 4- Now, line the next stainless steel designer sheet overlapping the first sheet by 3 or 4 inches to create more secure roofing. Also, line up the ridges of the two sheets to allow the screws to be drilled in faster and make it tighter.

Continue on like this and you’re done. Many reputed stainless steel sheet suppliers such as Jindal Stainless have been recommending this roofing material for its ability to extreme weather and resist rusting.

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