Energy efficient air conditioning

One thing the most people don’t know is the fact that in most homes, more than 50% of energy is used on air conditioning Elmwood Park, NJ. This means therefore that the correct usage of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system can ensure that you greatly reduce the amount of money that your household uses on utility bill and at the same time; you will have played a role in saving the environment. There are simple but very effective tips for any homeowner who wants to live in a comfortable but energy efficient home especially in relation to the air conditioning installation.

The first and most important thing you can do without being an AC expert is to check on your air filter once every month to make sure they are clean and change them if the need arises. This is an important task to remember especially during those months when the system is in heavy use especially during winter and summer. It is important that the filters are changed once every three months or sooner if you discover that they are not very clean. This is a simple step that helps to promote the flow of air while also keeping impurities and other allergens away from your home; this has been known to reduce the cost of energy by up to 15%.

Having a good HVAC system maintenance regime make sure that the system is running properly; there is no room for guesswork here and, as such, you should have a HVAC system contractor do a check and maintenance at least once a year. Your system should have a programmable thermostat that should be kept at around 78 during the summer months and 68 when the weather is cooler in winter. You can avoid using that HVAC system during those warm months when temperatures are below 78 degrees.

It is important to seal up your home and have it weather proofed properly; the most important areas to check include the doors and windows. Check the fireplace to make sure that the shaft is closed anytime the fireplace is not in use; there are also heating and cooling ducts that need to be sealed also as a matter of fact. There are people who HVAC systems have gone well beyond the “best before” dates; if it is more than 10 years old, you will realize that apart from your energy bills, your AC repair bills will be higher and more frequent. Last but not least, you need to make sure that the HVAC system you have is the right size for your house; the rule of the thumb dictates that a capacity of 20BTU per square foot of living space is appropriate.

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