Essential Pieces To Turn Your House Into A Home

The furnishings and decor that you use in your home ultimately influence how comfortable you feel in the space. By surrounding yourself with photos and pieces that you love, you can begin to feel at home. When you want to transform the interior setting and allow it to look appealing, there are a few essential pieces to put on display.

Throw Blankets

Essential Pieces To Turn Your House Into A Home

Throw blankets that are draped over the back of a couch or at the end of a chaise will add a cozy touch when you want to incorporate extra warmth into the living room. Throw blankets can also be placed at the end of a bed, which can be easy to reach and used throughout the day. Choose a throw blanket that works as an accent color in the room to make the feature pop in the setting.


Baskets will allow your home’s decor to look neutral and can make it easy to stay organized by grouping like items together to reduce clutter that is present. You can use the baskets to store extra sets of blankets in the living room or hair tool products in the bedroom. Baskets can be used to fill in bare corners throughout the home or next to the fireplace to create a contemporary setting.

Limoge Box Pieces

Show off your taste and interest with the use of limoge box pieces that are decorative and can add a touch of flair to your home. Limoge box pieces can depict different countries that you’ve traveled to or can be put on display to celebrate certain holidays each year. Consider placing the items on a shelf above the couch or add them to your kitchen countertop.

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are trendy and fashionable when you’re adding a decorative print to your floors. Moroccan rugs depict different types of diamond shapes with a geometric style that is urban and edgy. Many of the rugs also feature imperfections that are woven in, which can create a more organic and natural setting in the home. You’ll enjoy having a touch of extra warmth on the bare floors in each season of the year.

Art That Pops

Instead of sticking with floral prints and patterns on your walls, opt for hanging art pieces that make a statement with the color and designs that are used. Choose unique styles to hang in the bathroom or on your fireplace mantle when you want incorporate your favorite colors to make the space feel more like your own.

Watercolor Pillows

Watercolor pillows that follow the painterly textile trend will allow your home to look light and airy. Mix and match different colors and prints of painted pillows on your couch to create an eclectic design that doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, and try to find deals on home furnishings where you can, that way you’re able to spend a bit more on certain items by saving on others.

For most of us, we can’t just go out on a spending spree simply because we’ve moved somewhere new, but most of these options can be researched and found for relatively affordable prices. At the end of the day, you want your home to feel like a home, so you must adorn it accordingly!

Upholstered Headboards

Essential Pieces To Turn Your House Into A Home

Upholstered headboards are cozy and upscale when you want to create a focal point in the bedroom. Consider purchasing a headboard that has a nailhead trim design, which can make your home look like a cottage or a cozy bed and breakfast. Opt for pairing the headboards with a duvet cover and multiple pillows, which will allow you to look forward to getting into bed each night and spending time in the room.

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