Essential Traditional Jewellery Every Indian Bride Should Have

Essential Traditional Jewellery Every Indian Bride Should Have

Indians are well-known for their obsession for jewellery and weddings in India are popular for traditional, sparkling, and glitzy kind of jewellery. An Indian wedding cannot be considered complete without jewellery. It is the wish of every Indian bride to look beautiful by wearing the latest and beautiful design of jewellery. Some of the jewellery pieces are common for Indian brides such as ear rings, finger rings, and necklaces, but there are several other pieces which are yet traditional, but not so common and make the bride look more charming and pretty. Every bride should wear such traditional jewellery pieces to look elegant on their special day. If you are looking for the traditional bridal jewellery, then you can also Shop Traditional Bridal Jewellery online at the best rates.

Some Of the Essential Traditional Jewellery that Every Bride Should Wear On Her Special Day:

  1. Maang Tikka:

Although Maang Tikka is the oldest and traditional jewellery piece, but it is something that can never go out of fashion. This beautiful jewellery piece, Maang Tikka embellishes your forehead so delightfully that bride looks pretty and gorgeous. The brides who have a broader forehead can wear a larger Maang Tikka, whereas those with small forehead should opt to wear a small maang tikka.

2.Double-Stranded Necklaces:

Double-stranded necklaces are so much in trend nowadays that every bride wishes to wear the double stranded thick necklace. If you want to catch the attention of everyone towards your expensive bridal set, then this necklace is the best option for you. Make sure to tone this necklace with the appropriate jewellery so that it does not give you a gaudy look. Since it is a designer piece, so buy designer wedding jewellery to get this necklace.

  1. Nose Ring:

From a small stud to an elaborate piece that is attached with a string that can be connected with the ear ring, you can find a wide range of variety in nose ring. Although it is traditional, but a bride cannot be complete without wearing a nose ring. But make sure to try nose ring well in advance so that you could choose the right nose ring.

  1. Toe Rings and Anklets:

Anklets and toe rings have a great significance in the different religions of India. Some people choose to wear these jewellery pieces either for looking or some might choose to wear because of their tradition. Usually, anklets or toe rings are made up of silver and give the traditional like feeling to the brides.

        5.Chuda or Bangles:

A bride is not called as bride until she wears lots of bangles. There are different types of bangles that brides wear according to different religions. In some religions, girls have to wear Chuda that are plastic bangles and the combination of red and white colored bangles. Some girls also need to wear gold or diamond bangle along with Chuda, whereas some girls have to wear only glass bangles that come in vibrant colors.

If your wedding day is near and you are planning to shop traditional bridal jewellery, then don’t forget to buy designer wedding jewellery to look elegant and beautiful bride. If you want your bridal jewellery at your doorstep effortlessly, shop traditional wedding jewellery online at GlamRatna that is an Buy Online Jewellery  in India where you can shop traditional bridal jewellery at best rates.

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