Everything You Need To Know About Diabetes Type 1

Whenever a doctor says “You have Diabetes Type 1”, our sudden reaction is like almost in tears. We all know diabetes is incurable and having such a disease makes you a slave of medicines of alifetime. The thought of avoiding sweets and heavy food makes you disheartened. The words”Type 1” seems to have no value at that moment. But it’s very important to understand the clinical meaning of Diabetes Type 1.

Type 1 Diabetes is quite uncommon and is seen in 5% of diabetic people. When the immunity system destroys all the Beta cells in thepancreas of thehuman body, insulin formation stops. This situation makes you diabetic type 1.

Main Causes of Type 1:

  1. Genetic hiring:Mostly if your parents or grandparents have similar diseases then you are high chances to get one.
  2. Environmental Virus:This also happens when some virus infects you causing the immune system to damage the pancreas. It’s called Autoantibodies. In such situations, Type 1 diabetes takes place.

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes which need diabetes type 1 cure handling:

  1. It is common for both men and women. If you face infections recurrently of thevagina or any other body parts, then surely you need to meet the doctor and test your blood sugar levels. The more early you begin treatment, the better you will heal.
  2. Sudden tremendous weight loss often is a sign of Diabetes Type 1.
  3. Difficulty in breathing also can be one of the signs.
  4. If you feel like drinking water a lot and even hungry again and again, more than your usual eating habits then you need to see a doctor.
  5. Even cases of frequent urination take place in Diabetes Type 1.
  6. Obesity is themain cause of Diabetes. If a person is obese and eats wrong, he has more chances to be diagnosed with Type 1.

The cure for Diabetes Type 1:

If you are still on the lazy side of life then gear up my friend. God has given you his first warning. Getting diabetes is the beginning, thyroid, blood pressure, heart problems come next if you still not improve your habits. You need a complete lifestyle makeover!

Following are the two tried and tested ways which shall keep your sugar balance in blood and also prevent you from further diseases:

  1. Sleep early and wake up early!

This formula is valid for almost everyone but when diabetic, you need to sleep properly. Peaceful sound sleep really is really important as it gives you a completely fresh outlook next morning. Get up early on same time daily and go out in open air for some stroll. You don’t need brisk walking or jogging. A simple stroll is more than enough!

  1. Plan your food intake!

Initially consult a dietician and form a good nutrition planned diet chart. This will help your body to tackle the hormones well and hence regenerate them to prevent from diabetes regular medicines. Sometimes, if not given attention to food intake, doctors have to prescribe regular insulin injections which are the worst nightmare for all diabetics.

Only 2 simple changes in lifestyle will make you rejuvenated and hence keep you healthy for life.

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