Feel Like You're Melting? 4 Reasons Your AC Isn't Doing Its Job

Feel Like You’re Melting? 4 Reasons Your AC Isn’t Doing Its Job

When you have air conditioning, you expect it to work. This is especially true in the scorching summer months. When it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, you and your family can be stuck in a steamy house. You need to know why your AC isn’t working so you can fix it. Here are four reasons your AC isn’t doing its job.

Not Changing the Filter

All HVAC units have a filter that picks up all of the debris in the air. When this filter is full, it won’t be able to circulate air as well. Plus, it might blow some of the debris back into the air. To prevent this, simply clean the filter in your HVAC system. In most cases, there will be a light on your unit to let you know when the filter is dirty.

Not Properly Insulating Your Home

Once you do have cold air coming into your home, you want to ensure that you keep it inside. Obviously, you want to keep doors and windows closed at all times if the air conditioning is on. You should also use doors and windows specifically made to help insulate your home. Finally, fill the walls with additional or new insulation if you haven’t done it in a couple of years.

Not Cleaning the Ducts

The ducts in your home are how air is transported through your home. If these ducts become dirty or clogged, it can make it more difficult to cool off your home. You will know if you have a problem with the ducts if you notice one room or one part of the house that doesn’t seem to cool off like the rest of the house. Anyone who does AC repair will be able to help you clean your ducts.

Not Getting Regular Maintenance

Like any other appliance in your home, you need to get regular maintenance to keep your air conditioner running properly. Most people get maintenance during spring to get it ready for summer when it will likely be used the most. You can have a professional come and give it a tune up. They will also check it for problems and perform any necessary AC repairs. This simple appointment once a year can prolong the life of your system for years.

There are a number of reasons your AC might not be working. If you still can’t seem to resolve the problem, it’s time to call in the professionals for AC repair.

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