Fishing Is Fun In Dubai – Know The Spots Where To Fish To Catch Some

Belonging to Emirates family, Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations. There is a variety of options, when it comes to adventure sports, which you may indulge in. When you look back in history, you may find that Dubai has indeed transformed a lot. It has the best of everything.

The most opted activity is fishing in Dubai. It is an enjoyable activity, especially for those who like fishing. Anyone who likes an outdoor activity like this or loves to be around water will definitely enjoy to the core.

This activity is a mix of many things. To mention a few:-

  • The place is host to many fishing events
  • Weather – If planned well is cherry on the cake
  • Sea water is of good quality and caught fishes are good too

Naïve or Experienced

Whether you are naïve to this sport or just a beginner do not worry, there are trained professionals to help you. The awesome looking gulf water is blessed with the following variety of fishes:-

  • Fluke
  • Barracuda
  • Sherry
  • Bluefish
  • Flounder
  • Sultan Ibrahim
  • Hammour
  • Striped bass
  • Blackfish
  • Porgy
  • King fish
  • Cobia
  • Many more

Quality water and variety of fishes have made Dubai a favorite spot for many fishing enthusiasts.

There are many companies that organize fishing tours. They provide you with their own boats. These boats have professional captains. The equipment that is provided to you is of good quality. If inquired, then you may also get additional activities to explore. For instance, coastal cruising and other water sport activities.

Depending on the number of hours you have for the trip, you may also get to arrange things like some refreshments. Another aspect to enquire about is whether they have pick and drop facility to pick you from hotel then drop back.

The Spots

To know about the spots, follow the information mentioned below:-

  • AL Garhoud Bridge – It is very close to Tourist park – Al Boom
  • Creek Park
  • AL Maktoum Bridge
  • JBR – Very close to Sheraton Hotel. Explore location through the internet.

Creek Park – It is a good place to fish. Being a park, there is space for you to sit and relax. If you need water and food, there are shops around.

To be able to reach the right destination, walk through the main entrance. Take a left turn and walk till the end. There is a proper place, where fishing is allowed. In fact, you will see many already busy fishing.

AL Maktoum Bridge – It is a well-known place. It keeps real busy on weekends especially early morning. To reach the destination, drive till Dubai Courts, so that you are able to park your vehicle at the parking lot. From there, it is a walk of about 5 minutes.

It is very important to know the spots, if you want to save time and have fun too. Make necessary enquires before you pick the spot.

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